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How to Pick the Most Reputable Solar Company?

Green Bolt
The Residential Solar Installation Process

There are hundreds of solar companies on the market. How can you tell which is the best one to install residential solar panels in NJ? Solar panels are a long-term investment and so it’s necessary to vet providers to find the right specialist for your requirements. Whether you’re quite overwhelmed or uncertain where to begin, don’t worry. Follow this step-by-step guide to make the right decision. Take a close look:

  • First of all, decide if using a national company is really worth it. Most local installation companies will be using the same products and finance programs as the national service providers also utilize. SolarCity dba Tesla, for example, employs Mosaic to finance a variety of solar loan. In fact, it is used by many solar companies in New Jersey. So, why would you hire a national provider? It is better to spend your time and effort to the one that offers high-quality and affordable solutions.Many national companies have gone out of business like the NRG, Sungevity and Direct Energy. Not only were they expected to honor warranties, but they also had more resources than their counterparts.

    In reality, most localized specialists are actually more profitable than national service providers. However, there are no such things as a perfect solution.

  • Check that the company you are using specifies the type of equipment they are using.
    This allows you to have the peace of mind with the solar panels and enables you to have a lasting investment. You can also avoid the risk of getting poor quality products and cheap brands.Solar panels should be of the highest quality for functional performance, maximum safety, optimal convenience, and low expenditures. Never get tempted to purchase the cheapest solution. Be willing to spend more to acquire more significant savings in the long run. Why buy inefficient equipment that can put your investment at risk? Invest your money and effort on a tested and compelling brand.
  • Check warranties. Most companies these days offer a warranty of 20 years, which is already a good option for many. Despite how reputable your provider is, you still tend to be skeptical, which is why you have to determine whether a company has an excellent warranty or not. With this thought in mind, you’ll have a secure investment.
  • Finally, look at reviews and ask for a reference or two. Generally speaking, the companies with the highest rating will be the best company to deal with. This means they are trusted for a superb service. They are expert New Jersey Solar Installers, making you happy with your chosen specialist from start to finish.

Now that you are armed with this great information, you can find the solar panel installation company thats right for you. From quality solutions, a team of capable staff to competitive pricing, Green Power Energy is a great service provider that understands what its customers want and we do our best to deliver a quality experience.


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