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Is a Solar Ground Mount Right for Your Home?

A ground mounted solar array is a type of solar installation which utilizes available ground space as a means of producing solar energy.
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What is a Ground Mounted Solar Array?

A ground mount will generally be located in a field or large yard and installed on top of unique hydraulically anchored solar racking structure. The power produced by the ground mount travels underground to the utility meter in a trench which has been backfilled.

How is a Solar Ground Mount Installed? GPE’s ground mounts are unique in that the structural footings are hydraulically pile driven into the ground. This varies from the conventional approach used by most companies which involves digging a hole and filling it with concrete in order to secure the structure. The benefits of our pile driven, galvanized metal ground mounts come from cost, ease of installation, and system longevity.

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Advantages of Solar Ground Mounts

  1. Ground mounts are not limited by roof space and can more easily meet a site’s energy demand at 100%.
  2. The system’s inverter and many of the electronics can be located at the array which avoids the need to mount the equipment indoors or on the side of the building.
  3. Ground mounts are not mounted on the home and therefore alleviate any concerns over aesthetics, the roof’s durability, or the need to re-roof.
  4. Any possible maintenance or cleaning is simple due to the accessibility to the structure.
  5. Ground mounts can have a higher upfront cost due to the trenching and additional equipment, but are more productive and therefore typically have a much more attractive investment return.

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