Green Power Energy Is a Tesla Recommended Home Charging Installer

Tesla Recommended Home Charging Installer

July 13, 2017

ANNANDALE, NJ –  Green Power Energy is pleased to announce that we are now a Tesla Recommended Home Charging Installer.  GPE has successfully undergone the testing and vetting process with Tesla to now offer the installation of Vehicle Home Charging Equipment in the State of New Jersey. Our installer listing can be found on Tesla’s website,

As your Home Charging Installer, Green Power Energy will offer a turnkey installation service. This service includes free proposals, electrical permitting, and installation of all your Tesla Home Charging products. Currently, Tesla vehicle owners have three options for charging their vehicles. Tesla owners can enjoy the use of the Supercharging network on the road, recharge at any Destination Charging locations and contact us for their Home Charging Installation needs.

Tesla Home Charging

There are multiple solutions for home charging as Tesla has a wealth of options to suit your available power needs. The most common installation method is to install a 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet which will provide about 25 miles of range per hour plugged in. Though this method is cost effective, customers can also install the Tesla Wall Connector in an 8 ½’ or 24’ cable length as this solution has 15 different amperage settings to meet your available power constraints. Green Power Energy is available at your convenience to discuss your options and prepare a proposal for your installation.

Please note: Charging times and installation costs for each home can vary depending on the level of difficulty. For a complete guide to  your Home Charging options we recommend visiting Tesla’s “charge at home page” which can be found here.

Electric Vehicles and Solar

Green Power Energy is committed to bringing you quality Tesla Charging Installations while maintaining the company’s primary focus on solar energy systems.  Homeowners with solar panels and electric vehicles will have the best potential for long term savings.  Tesla’s charging page has a savings calculator to help determine the full total savings potential.

For example, the average JCP&L customer pays .15/kWhr for electricity while the average price of gasoline in NJ is currently $2.27 per gallon.  As a result, a 300 mile Tesla charge will save a NJ driver $17.81.  The homeowner with solar panels however will save even more.

For more information on our residential solar programs, check out our residential solar home page.  We will continue to make the world a “greener” place, and our latest venture as a Tesla Recommended Home Charging Installer will only help us continue our pursuit.




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