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Solar Power: Good For Business

Solar Power: Good for the environment. Good for business.

Most businesses are excellent candidates for commercial solar photovoltaic systems. Many business owners don’t realize that solar power can save them money. The good news is that solar makes financial sense for almost all commercial properties. No matter what kind of business you have, solar energy will offset your energy costs and reduce your bills during peak demand months.

Whether you’re looking to cut utility costs, find new sources of revenue or demonstrate your commitment to the environment, Green Power Energy can help you do all of the above. From family-owned operations to corporate headquarters, businesses are discovering the practical benefits of going solar. Let us show you how an investment in solar energy can maximize the potential of your commercial property and earn you a profitable return.

Solar is within reach-we’ll show you how.

Many Business owners will pursue the solar project as a cash investment. In this case, the business owner will experience an average return of 3.5 years and an average ROI of 15%. With outright ownership the business will collect the ITC (26% Federal Tax Credit), , MACRS Solar Depreciation, State Incentives, Energy Savings and an Increase in Property Value.

The Second option is a solar loan that can bring about the benefits of a cash purchase while maintaining operating capital for a business. Green Power Energy has low interest solar loans available for flexible terms. In this option the customer still collects the benefits of solar incentives (Tax Credit, Depreciation, State Incentives, etc.) while limiting the out of pocket expense. In most cases the business is cash flow positive on the agreement from the start because the power savings and incentives will generally outweigh the loan payments.

Other businesses choose to enter into a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). In this option your solar system can be installed for $0 Out of Pocket. You will enter into an agreement with a solar financier with the advantage being a lower, controlled, and locked in rate of electricity for years to come. We will simply calculate your average rate and integrate you with a rate for solar that is far less than the current rate. This saves the average business’ owner thousands of dollars over the term and allows them to hedge against rate increases and reduce their bottom line without expending capital.

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