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How Long Does It Take To “Go Solar?”

Generally, the most common time frame solar companies give to homeowners is that it will take 3 months from sign up to installation. This can be a shorter period but relying on an inefficient utility or municipality can prolong the process. An inefficient township or utility can also increase the risk of unnecessarily adding significant time to the project.

This timeframe will vary based on the state, utility, and local municipality. It can be shorter than 8 weeks, but most of the time, 3 months is reasonable enough to transform your home into a solar-powered residence.

Why Does It Take So Long To Install Solar Panels?

From the moment you sign up for a home a solar system installation in NJ, the solar company will start work on your project. Installation of solar panels have a lot of moving parts to them, which is why the entire process can take a couple of months to accomplish.  Green Power Energy works hard to shorten the installation period as much as possible for our customers, so that they are up and running in the shortest time possible.

Within the first 10 business days, they usually submit the SREC application and schedule a formal site survey. This serves as a great tool to inspect the roof shingles, measure the attic rafters, examine the available area, and assess shading.

Once the final layout and site are approved, the solar system installer in New Jersey will have their qualified electrician sign and seal an electrical line diagram. They will let an architect sign and seal a load letter. This guarantees a safe and effective electrical configuration. This also plays a vital role in getting a permit package without delays.

Once the letters are complete from the architect and technician, a solar system installer in NJ submits these permits, including the interconnection application. Make sure you let a reputable expert perform the process to get the job done right the first time. Yes, this paperwork takes a while. But once the permits are approved, the installation will be scheduled.

The installation will take under a week. Some companies can finish it on the same day. Others may take closer to a week, including inspections.

What is important to understand is that no matter what solar system installation specialist you take advantage of, remember that the system won’t be operational when the team leaves your house.

After the system passes inspection, the town provides an certificate or approval sticker to the utility.  It may take a few weeks for the utility to issue the formal “approval to operate.”  When you dream of transforming your home into a solar-electric property, always remember the timeframe. Look for a reliable company today and make that dream come to life. A qualified specialist can help you avoid delays and other expensive costs. So, don’t be tempted to work with a specialist that offers cheap solutions but compromises quality.

Be willing to get what you pay for!

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