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Solar and the Economics of Sale

It is widely known that solar is clean and beneficial to the environment. Solar has also become the fastest growing electricity source, not to mention being the least expensive source. Solar electric equipment is inexpensive and ultimately reliable. By making upfront investments and deciding to go solar, you will acquire a system that is capable of producing electricity that is worth the investment for years to come and with little to no maintenance required.

Solar is Such a Great Investment

You might be surprised to know that the economics of NJ solar energy tends to outperform the traditional or standard investment products. NJ Solar Panels are a great investment since they help in reducing electricity bills, which makes them a great source for long-term savings.  NJ solar also allows for SRECs and the federal tax credit which can bring a solar purchase to a ROI of about 5 years.

A Glimpse into a NJ Solar Panel Installation

With the increasingly popular benefits and reliable performance of solar panels, many are using solar panel installation services.

  • Many NJ homeowners ask for a price on solar based on a “per panel” cost or a flat “price per watt” cost, but this can be hard to define because of the “economics of “
  • For example, 5 kW system vs. a 10 kW system will still have the same interconnection application, the same SREC application, a similar permit cost, and the same tap into a home’s electrical panel, a similar inverter placement, and more.
  • Because of these fixed costs, a bigger sized system will often present a better price per watt and sometimes a better return on investment.
  • Furthermore, there may be more that goes into installing solar panels than many homeowners’ realize. For example, those Balance of System costs are often overlooked. Balance of System Equipment (BOS) – is the mounting, wiring, ac/dc disconnects, ground fault protection and overcurrent protection for the solar module.  Solar is not just racking, inverters, and solar panels.

Solar panels in NJ are indeed on the rise and are now increasing the value of residential and even commercial properties in New Jersey. If you want to experience the benefits solar panels can offer, consider a Solar Panel Installation in New Jersey.

When going with a Solar Panel Installation in NJ., make sure to commit to the project with a reliable installation company that will make sure that solar panels are correctly and successfully installed. Your choice to install solar panels can benefit you in many ways especially in terms of lowering your monthly energy bills. Solar panels are also great solutions to control how your business or home energy is being sourced.

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