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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

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How many solar panels do you really need for your home? This is one of the most common questions we get asked at Green Power Energy and is really the starting point for working on any solar power project at anyone’s home. 

In order to answer that question, we’ll need to take a look at a few factors including how much energy your home consumes and how much roof space you have. Before your solar system consultation with Green Power Energy, you’ll want to have your electric bill ready so we can seamlessly determine the solar panel wattage required to power your home. 

Prefer video? Watch our President, Eric Dornfeld, explain exactly how we calculate how many solar panels you need for your home. 

Calculating How Many Solar Panels Needed On Your Home

The primary factor that determines the number of solar panels needed for your home is your annual energy consumption. Typically, how much solar power is required to power your home is determined by your kilowatt-hour usage, which is listed on your electric bill. The higher your kilowatt-hour usage is, the more solar panels you’ll need to power your home. 

Another big determining factor is how big your roof space is and what usable area you have. We’ll measure your roof space either by hand or by using our drone flyover imagery. 

Limiting Factors When It Comes To Roof Space

There are some limiting factors to how many solar panels you can install on your home, with the biggest limitation being your available roof space. Things like roof vents, skylights, or chimneys can limit the number of solar panels we are able to put on your home. 

Additionally, you may have roof space that isn’t necessarily optimal for solar. Maybe your roof plane is facing north, limiting how much sunlight it gets, or you’ve got shade on one part of your roof from a tree on the side of your home. 

When deciding the number of solar panels needed on your home, we’ll determine how much available roof space you have after taking into account obstructions and shading. We can also add extra solar panels in other areas to make up for the deficit of certain panels on your roof. 

Our software system allows us to calculate exactly how many kilowatt-hours each solar panel will generate, meaning we’ll be able to determine exactly how many solar panels are required to get you to 100% energy consumption. 

Designing The Solar Panel System For Your Roof Space

Our main goal when designing your solar panel system is to cover as much as your electrical consumption as possible, up to 100%, without going over. If your solar panel system can’t cover 100% of your electrical usage, you’re still going to be saving money on your electric bill by using solar power. Even if your solar panel wattage only covers 30%, 50%, or 80% of your electric bill, you’re still going to be saving money in the long run thanks to solar power’s great rate of return. 

Now more than ever, our society is relying on electricity to power homes, businesses, and other commercial buildings. More appliances are going electric, people are getting EV cars, and people are now even working from home, meaning our electricity needs have continued to grow. 

Because of this, there is a great case for installing solar panels and the perfect battery array on your home. Our consultants will work with you to determine how many solar panels are needed for your home in order to lower your electricity bill and save you money in the long run. 

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Interested in exploring how solar panels can transform your home’s energy landscape? Contact us for a complimentary assessment and dive into the advantages of residential solar panels. 

With one of our experts, you can discover the optimal number of solar panels suited to your home’s annual electricity usage, gauge your potential energy production, and understand the significance of a solar panel’s power output in relation to your overall energy usage. 

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