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Solar Financing in CT

How to Get the Best Solar Financing in CT

Solar panels are a great choice for the environmental, financial, and community benefits they offer. They save you money on your utility bills; they help you generate money by selling solar power; they reduce your carbon footprint; they help you leave a greener, brighter future for your children and their children.

How Do I Decide Which CT Solar Company to Use?

One can only earn the maximum extent of savings if they obtain the right sized solar system, with the right components, at the right price. It is integral for Connecticut property owners to invest in solar equipment that will last for many years.

Solar Panels

What Are Your Options for a Solar Loan in Connecticut?

You have various options to choose from for financing your solar installation project. The decision depends on your preferences, needs, and financial goals. To save you time with extensive research, we’ll take a look at all the options you can partake.


Eversource Now Offers Battery Rebates for Connecticut Homeowners

Solar batteries are integral in sustaining your solar lifestyle. It is the foundation of a solar-plus-storage system that helps you store renewable energy generated by solar panels. You can utilize them as your back-up energy in case of power outages and extreme weather conditions.

Connecticut Solar

Connecticut Solar Solutions for Flat Roofs

At Green Power Energy, we are well aware that all properties are different. Customer’s with flat roofs often wonder what if they’re able to install panels at adequate angles for sun absorption.

Solar Energy In Uncertain Times

Over the past few months, all of us have been affected by COVID-19 in some way. Some businesses are temporarily closing, many of us are staying at home more than we ever have, and uncertainty has worked its way into many aspects of daily life.

Solar Energy

Why Commercial Solar in Connecticut Has Benefits Beyond Financial

The driving force for commercial solar usually revolves around reducing costs. From the lucrative Federal Solar Tax Incentive to significant decreases in your electricity bill, solar can save you money. However, commercial solar also comes with a range of other benefits that make solar for your business even more appealing.

Top 3 Positive Impacts of Connecticut Solar Installation Projects

Solar installations in a residential and commercial setting continue to grow year after year at an increasing rate. This growth comes from the continuous decreases in the cost of the solar panels themselves and the growing rebates and incentives offered by government organizations.

Solar for CT

Three Myths about CT Solar Installation Busted

As the first continental state in the US to reach grid parity, meaning the cost of solar is the same or lower than the grid, myths about CT solar installations quickly began circulating.

Solar Energy

$0 Down Solar Loan Programs CT

Thanks to the extensive incentives and programs available to you in Connecticut, you can install a solar system for your house for zero dollars down through multiple loan programs. These programs offer low cost financing with minimal to no upfront costs so you can get away from the pricey CT utilities.

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