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Need a New Roof for Your NJ House? Get a No Money Down Residential Solar Installation AND a Roof! Here’s How

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Need a New Roof for Your NJ House? Get a FREE Residential Solar Installation AND a Roof! Here’s How

Redoing the roof will cost a significant amount of money, and many of us would rather spend on a home renovation product that will give our home a complete facelift. A roof does not figure high on the list of home renovation priorities. But an old roof can be a source of several problems. 

Cracks, holes, and damaged shingles, among other problems can leak hot air in and out of your home, drastically increasing your power bills on air conditioning. Also, even small holes can let pests, reptiles, and birds into your attic and wreak havoc there. So, when it’s time to repair your roof, it’s best not to put it off. 

That said, there’s an easy way to redo your roof without shelling out the expense out of your pocket right away – a solar installation.

Residential Solar Installation + Roofing

Rooftop solar installation is the most convenient and cost-effective option available to solar customers. It requires little additional infrastructure, and doesn’t require much care going forward.

However, some roofs are too old to install solar panels on them. Typically, roofs over 15 years old are not considered viable for solar installations. That’s because the best-quality solar systems easily last 30-40 years. So, if your roof needs to be remade in 5 or 10 years, you will have to unmount the solar installation and redo your roof. That can be tricky, and may cost more than you think. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that old roofs be redone prior to the  solar installation.

Benefits of Redoing Roof Alongside Solar Installation

First and foremost, you get a strong roof that will support your solar installation for the entirety of its life. Once the installation is complete, the solar panels will offer natural protection to your roof against Mother Nature. So, your roof will last longer too.

Secondly, New Jersey solar installations are supported by readily available solar loans with incredibly low-interest rates. The good news is that the solar loan can be extended to cover your roof reinstallation. That way, you don’t have to pay an upfront cost for either your solar installation or your new roof. 

Get a Solar Roof on Your Head

What’s truly amazing about solar loans is that even with a 15-year solar loan, the monthly payments will be significantly lower than your utility bills. In other words, then you go for solar+roof, you don’t just put off an immediate expense, you actually save money in the long run.

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Let’s talk about potential solar opportunities. We offer free, no obligation quotes to get you started on your solar journey. If you’d like to talk with us outside of getting a quote then please reach out to us using our contact page.
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