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Case Study

Homeowner: Bryen and Kate F.

Location: Beverly, NJ

Utility Provider: PSE&G

System Energized: 06/16/2018

System Details

System Size: 10.725 kW

Production: 13,406 kWh annually

Environmental Impact: 18,701 lbs. of C02 offset annually

Means of purchase: 10-year Mosaic Solar Loan

Average electric bill before solar: $200

Monthly electric bill after solar: $30

Tax benefit: “Just filed with our accountant 2 days ago, I was excited, for us it was great because we are putting some back towards the loan and some to pay off some debts. It gave us the flexibility to do some things that we wanted to be able to do.”

Solar Products

Panels: (33) Panasonic 325 watt solar panels

Inverter: (1) SolarEdge 10000 Inverter

Optimizer: (33) SolarEdge P400 Optimizers

Questions & Answers

Motivation for installing solar panels: “Started from a saving energy standpoint, we have a saltwater fish tank and other things that use a lot of energy, and I’m a technology person, growing up in the 70s it was always something that was just around the corner. As a parent, its cool to show the kids we are making a positive environmental income . It just sits up there an creates clean energy, it's pretty passive.

Considerations in choosing Green Power Energy as installer: “First of all, our sales person, Tony, was great. It started with his calendar invite, he showed up on a sunday afternoon. He showed up on time, and did not turn into a high pressure sale, he was great. He wrote down all the numbers, left me with all the numbers, we scheduled a second appointment so my wife could be there, and we ended up signing up on the second appointment. My wife looked at me and said, let's do it, this sounds great. He probably spent a good 4 hours with us in the first two sessions, and nothing was a dumb question.” “One of the greatest lines that Tony had was when my wife said, ‘what happens if my system doesn’t make solar anymore?’ Tony looks at here completely deadpan and says “well, if the sun doesn’t come out again, we have bigger problems.” “Above our experience with our sales person, in all the research I did, Green Power Energy came up as number one. I started going through the site, the videos were great, I saw the solar farm, it just seemed Green Power Energy was really invested. Other companies sounded more “clickbait.” I liked the customer testimonial videos a lot too, as my biggest fear was going with a company that wasn’t going to be able to back it up.”

Overall solar experience

“We had a great experience from start to finish.  The $76/month we now pay for our power with solar is almost comical.  It was a no-brainer.  We are excited about it and my wife and I stalk to app to see our system performance all the time.”

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