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Commercial Solar Energy in New Jersey

The Market for Commercial Solar Energy Systems Is Quickly Expanding

Costs are lower than they every have been while State and Federal incentives create opportunities for business owners to begin saving money immediately after installation. Not only does owning a commercial solar energy system allow for energy independence, it also provides businesses the chance to save on utility bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

Explore the Possibilities

Solar panels allow for commercial businesses to experience returns as well as competitive advantages. After making a solar energy investment, businesses can qualify for the Investment Tax Credit in addition to a Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System depreciation incentive. By investing in commercial solar panels, businesses can expect to lower their operating expenses while saving their company money at a fixed rate. Renewable energy installations are known for dramatically increasing property value, potentially up to $20,000 for each $1,000 in annual electricity savings. Installation of solar panels can also boost the public perception of your business. Making the decision to become more eco-conscious will attract publicity while making your business known as an environmentally responsible neighbor.

Solar Power is Within Reach

Solar energy is an excellent choice for most commercial businesses. It makes financial sense to invest in a commercial solar installation to offset energy costs and reduce bills during peak demand months. At Green Power Energy, we provide our commercial customers with a variety of purchasing options, including a solar loan or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). We are dedicated to showing our commercial customers how their investment in solar energy can maximize your potential and profitability.

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