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Case Study

Homeowner: Brian C.

Location: Califon, NJ

Utility Provider: JCP&L

System Energized: 11/01/2015

System Details

System Size: 10.26 kW

Production: 14,000 kWh annually

Environmental Impact: 20,160 lbs. of C02 offset annually

Means of purchase: Purchase, Outright ownership

Average electric bill before solar: $250-$300

Monthly electric bill after solar: "At most $50/month, but most of the time its $0"

Return on Investment: “About 6-8 years. Another 3 years until I have all my money back"

Tax benefit: "Yes! That was huge! $30,000 system went down to $21,000 system after taxes"

Solar Products

Panels: (36) SolarWorld 285 watt solar panels

Inverter: (1) SolarEdge 10000 Inverter

Optimizer: (36) SolarEdge P300 Optimizers

Questions & Answers

Motivation for installing solar panels: “My high electric costs were ongoing and it was also something I was curious about. After sitting down and running the numbers it became apparent. ‘Why doesn’t everybody do this?’ I asked Tim (salesperson). I don’t mind spending X amount of money if I am going to get 3x that amount back. After a few years, it will be paid off and then there is free electricity for another 20 years or so. The added benefit is to help save the planet. When I go on the app and it says you save 900 trees, that’s pretty cool too.”

Considerations in choosing Green Power Energy as installer: “Tim, my salesperson, was always available, it didn’t matter when it was. If I texted him on a Sunday night, he would get me with an answer within 10 minutes. Any questions whatsoever were answered so quickly. I’ve been in sales all my life, and pride myself on that, his turn around was great. The presentation was also better and more conscience, plus I was more comfortable. Not only because Green Power Energy were local, but because the other people I met with were with large companies and they didn’t seem like they understand what I wanted. It felt like if something went wrong I would be stuck, and I decided that wasn’t for me. Something like this is really a partnership. Some people say get the cheapest and that all solar is the same, but you really need to look into the company you are hiring because if something goes wrong, you need your company to be there for you.”

Overall Solar Experience

“Great. Couldn’t image it going any better. If there was a hiccup they were right here, the system just does its thing. It’s in place and I just forget about it. It’s on the back of the roof, when the small electric bill comes in I’m reminded. I’m not going around telling people to turn off lightbulbs anymore!”

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