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Your Home Solar Energy System in Hutto, Tx Still Uses the Grid. Know Why.

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Your Home Solar Energy System in Hutto, Tx, Still Uses the Grid. Know Why

Solar companies often promote residential solar as a ticket to freedom from utility companies. To be fair, home solar does offer freedom from high utility bills. However, in practice, solar power works best when connected to the grid. Your home solar energy system will still be connected to the grid when it’s operating. Well, at least that’s the best way to do it. If you’re confused about the mechanics of how it works, don’t worry. This post will clarify everything in a moment. So, let’s get started.

How Grid-Tied Solar Energy Systems Work

Grid-tied solar power systems, as the name indicates, are connected to the grid. In these systems, the excess power your solar system generates is diverted to the grid. In return, you receive credits that are adjusted to your utility bill. 

Subsequently, when your household requires more power than your solar system can supply, you can import excess power from the grid.

Your monthly power bill is based on the amount of power you imported from the grid, minus the solar power you exported to the grid. This system is known as net metering.

The power grid essentially works like a giant battery –  it stores your excess solar power and supplies it when needed.

Things to Know About Grid-Tied Solar Energy Systems in Hutto, Tx

Hutto, Tx, has a vibrant net metering policy across the state. Most major utility power providers offer net metering solutions to their customers. If you live in an area where your utility provider does not offer net metering and you cannot switch to another utility company, then you cannot enjoy the benefits of net metering. In such a case, the grid-tied system will still offer you an interrupted power supply when your solar system is not generating any power, such as during the night.

Typically, utility companies allow you to accumulate and roll over net metering credits over the months. This offers practical benefits. Your solar power generates excess power during summer months and racks up substantial net metering credits. Come winter, you draw more power from the grid, which is when those accumulated net metering credits help you offset the power bills during those months.

Tips for Setting Up Outage-proof Power Supply

While the grid supplies relatively uninterrupted power supply on most days, outages are becoming increasingly common in Texas, such as during the recent snowmaggedon. Generally, grid-tied systems are set up to switch off the power during grid outages to prevent accidental power leakage to the grid, which can be hazardous for powerline technicians. Systems like Enphase IQ8+ With Enpower Smartswitch™ can turn your home into a microgrid and allow you to enjoy uninterrupted power even during grid outages without putting lives at risk.


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