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Why is Green Power Energy the Most Trusted Solar Energy Experts in Rhode Island?

Green Power Energy occupies the leadership position in the Rhode Island solar industry as it brings expertise, experience, and technology to residential customers in the region. But, that’s not why we continue to enjoy the trust and respect of solar energy fans in the entire state.

To understand the secret of our success, one must first understand the needs of RI residents.

What do RI solar customers want from their solar installer – cheap equipment, quick quotes, or perhaps 24/7 customer support?

Well, cheap equipment lasts only a few years and therefore costs customers more in the long run. Also, the accuracy of the quotes matters more than the speed. And, solar equipment hardly needs any maintenance even after several years. Solar service is not a frequent need for most customers.

So, what does really matters for RI solar customers? 

The answer is: long-term money savings, reliability of equipment, and hassle-free experience. 

Here’s how we give our customers precisely what they want.

One-stop Solar Solution

Green Power Energy does everything solar, including system design, equipment sourcing, installation, permits, interconnections, financing, maintenance, and even consulting. We completely take over your solar project and give you a fully installed and ready-for-action system within the promised time.

Our process requires little effort on the part of the residents as we handle everything from paperwork to manual labor. So, our customers enjoy a completely hassle-free experience with solar power.

12 Years of Reliable Service

When you install a solar system, there’s always a question you must ask yourself: what if the solar company shuts its doors? Who will fulfill their service and maintenance promises?

Younger solar companies who have been in the business for a couple of years can shut shop anytime. To protect your interests, it’s important to find a solar company that has been in the business for long. 

RI residents know that we’re not going anywhere. Green Power Energy has been delivering customer satisfaction for over 12 years. We are here for the long haul, and that matters to RI residents.

25-Year Warranties

Green Power Energy offers an industry-leading 25-year warranty on its services. What’s more, we also work with brands that offer 25-year warranties on equipment like solar panels. So, our customers can enjoy complete peace of mind in the knowledge that warranties cover their equipment for the better part of its life, which can often be 30-35 years.

That’s why, Green Power Energy continues to be a trusted solar energy leader in RI.

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