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What’s a Solar Battery Microgrid? How Does it Power Your Home During Outages in Durham?

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What's a Solar Battery Microgrid? How Does it Power Your Home During Outages in Durham?

A solar battery microgrid allows solar buyers to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply when the power grid is experiencing abnormal conditions, such as voltage fluctuations, or full-scale power outages.

What is a Solar Battery Microgrid?

A microgrid is precisely what it sounds like – a miniature version of your power grid – an independently controlled power grid that connects to the main grid. The keyword here is “independently controlled,” which means that the microgrid has its own power source to generate electricity, which is then supplied to properties and appliances within the microgrid.

A solar microgrid is a microgrid with a solar panel system as its power source.

As you probably guessed by now, a solar battery microgrid uses your solar panels and your battery storage as sources of power, depending on power availability.

Why Do You Need a Solar Battery Microgrid?

Whenever there is an unexpected problem with the power grid, be it fluctuating current or outages, grid-tied systems are designed to automatically shut off your solar power system. In fact, your system is legally mandated to include such an auto-shut switch, so that power leakages from your solar system into the grid do not pose a hazard to electricians and line workers trying to resolve the grid issue.

That means, that whenever the grid power is shut, you cannot use power from your own solar system. That defeats the purpose of having an independent system, doesn’t it? Well, since it’s grid-tied, it’s not entirely an autonomous system. Hence the inconvenience.

That’s why you need a microgrid. It transforms your entire electrical infrastructure into an island when you need it, and switches to your local power source, which just happens to be your solar panels during the day.

But, what about the night? What happens if the power outage occurs at night? The solar panels are not producing any power during those hours, so how do you keep the lights on? That’s where battery storage comes into the picture. It will supply the power you need.

The Platinum+ package from Enphase combines advanced technologies like Enphase’s IQ8+ microinverters, and Enpower Smartswitch™ to make your entire electrical infrastructure, including your solar panels, independent when the power grid is facing issues, and continue to power your home in Durham.


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