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What Residential Solar Challenges to look out for in Your Durham Home Property?

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What Residential Solar Challenges to look out for in Your Durham Home Property?

Residential solar adoption in Durham is on the rise. Thanks to the federal push, state incentives, and utility company rebates, migrating to solar power has become more enticing than ever. However, homeowners must understand that their installation for residential solar in Durham may come with unique challenges.

  1. Physical Obstacles

When you think of opting for residential solar in Durham, you should ensure that there are not too many obstacles blocking the sunlight. Find the south using a compass. Now scan from East to West to observe if there are any trees, buildings, or any other structures blocking the sunlight. You can move the entire solar system up a few feet to navigate around the obstructions. If there are too many obstructions that cannot be removed, move the site of installation.

  1. Structural Integrity of the Roof

A complete solar setup includes multiple solar panels and supports that have to be drilled into the roof. The system puts significant weight on the roof. So, homeowners must ensure the integrity of their roofs before deciding to get residential solar in Durham. If the roof is too old or unstable for installation, you may have to move the setup to the ground or get your roof redone.

  1. Size of the Roof

Another issue that homeowners may face is underestimating the size of the solar system. It is vital to match the size of the roof to the size of the solar installation before the installation crew comes in. If the roof size falls short, you have no other option but to move the installation site.

  1. eligibility for Tax Incentive

Research tax incentives and rebates to get maximum returns on your residential solar in Durham. Discuss the benefits with your solar installation provider in detail beforehand.

If your annual taxes are not big enough to take full advantage of the federal tax credit, then choose a solar lease or PPA. This way, you can enjoy solar power without dealing with the upfront costs (which would be higher without the tax incentive).

Make an Informed Choice

We recommend that you consult an expert before committing to a solar installation. An expert solar installer will be able to determine the best placement of the solar array on your roof, confirm the structural integrity of the roof, and explain the tax benefits. Get accurate feedback on the viability of an installation for your home. Once you understand the issues you may face and develop a plan to mitigate the problems, your solar installation will become a seamless experience.


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