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Utility Scale Solar

Now is the time to invest in renewable energy.

Green Power Energy offers landowners and investors a unique business opportunity to develop and build large-scale utility solar projects that guarantee clean, renewable energy production and healthy returns.

Green Power Energy and its sister company, Meurer Development, have the ability to develop your property and design and engineer large scale solar projects, which allow landowners and investors to become energy providers. Utility scale solar farms can either feed the grid directly or can be tied to major energy users like shopping centers, universities, hospitals and commercial complexes.

Utility scale solar promises serious profit, but it’s also a serious investment. If you want to reap the most from a large-scale solar project, you’ll want expert advice. You’ll want to be sure your proposed site is suitable before you invest. You’ll want help with approvals, and you’ll want your site surveyed and developed by experienced solar professionals who have what it takes to install a utility scale project.

Some investments succeed by chance, but most succeed because the time is ripe, demand is growing and the market is poised to explode with growth. Considering the volatility of energy pricing and the uncertainty of our energy future in America, renewable energy is one of the smartest long-term investments you can make.

So, if you’re a landowner with a lot of acreage; if you’re thinking about buying land and want to make the most of it; if you’re a project owner who already wants to invest in solar but needs the system installed; or if you’re an investor who’s looking for a practical, ethical investment that promises serious returns—you should talk to us.

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Let’s talk about potential solar opportunities. We offer free, no obligation quotes to get you started on your solar journey.

If you’d like to talk with us outside of getting a quote then please reach out to us using our contact page.


We would like to share this knowledge with you to illustrate what we offer and how it can impact you. Both by lower monthly bills and helping reduce impacts to the environment.

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