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Tips for EV Charging With Solar Panels in Cedar Park, Texas

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EV Charging

Clean transportation modes like EVs are meant to be powered by clean energy from solar panels. It is great for the environment and makes you completely fuel-independent for all your transportation needs. You will always have available power to charge your EV as long as the Sun shines. Current predictions have the sun shining for at least the next billion years, so we are well covered. Here are more reasons why EV charging with solar panels in Cedar Park, Texas, is sensible.

How Much Does Solar EV Charging Cost?

The average American travels roughly 40 miles each day. An average EV that can run 3.33 miles per kWh requires 12kWh/day to keep up with the 40 miles/day commute requirement. For a year, the energy requirement climbs to 4,384 kWh/annum.

Now, the electricity consumption of an average household in the U.S. is 11,000 kWh/annum. Add to this the demands of EV charging, and you arrive at the size of the solar system an average American family with EV needs. You need a solar system that can generate around 15,384 kWh/annum (11,000 kWh + 4,384 kWh).

A solar system of 15,000 kWh to 16,000 kWh capacity costs upwards of $40,000. Please keep in mind that these costs meet the household needs and charge the EV. So you can meet the energy demands of your home and charge your EV for 25 years by spending this one-time installment cost in the first year or even pay nothing down and still save money as you go with a solar loan.

EV Charging Compared to Gasoline

As per Consumer Reports, maintaining an electric vehicle costs $0.03 per mile. On the other hand, the maintenance cost of a gasoline-powered vehicle stands double at $0.06 per mile.

Besides the maintenance costs, the fuel costs of running a gas-powered car clock in at $1,900 per year. The fuel costs of an EV with solar are practically zero. You pay the one-time equipment and installation costs and then ride your vehicle for free for its entire lifetime.

So even if you do not have the most efficient EV, you will still pay less than any gasoline-powered car if you commit to solar-powered EV charging.

What is the Most Affordable Way to Charge an EV?

You can charge EVs from your residential solar power installation. Solar Panels can generate enough power for your EVs to run on a clean and green energy source.

There are many varying estimates, but on average, ten solar panels are more than enough to charge an electric vehicle. It might vary with the quality of solar panels, the duration of direct sunlight received during the day, and the type of car.


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