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Three Myths about CT Solar Installation Busted

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Solar for CT

As the first continental state in the US to reach grid parity, meaning the cost of solar is the same or lower than the grid, myths about CT solar installations quickly began circulating.

Most of these myths likely started as an effort to scare people off and keep them attached to traditional power, or simply from misinformation. The three myths we see the most include:

  • Solar installation will decrease the value of your home
  • Solar installation only works in certain climates
  • Solar installation will damage your roof

Myth #1: Solar Installation will Decrease the Value of Your Home

This myth could not be farther from the truth. Not only do solar installations not decrease the value of your home, they can actually increase it and by a significant amount. The Appraisal Journal busted this myth back in 1998, finding that home values increase by approximately $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. This means that a solar installation that saves you $1000 a year on energy bills increases the value of your home by $20,000. Further, these numbers still seem to hold up today with citations by the U.S. Department of Energy. So, if you’re worried about how your home value could be affected by a solar installation, worry no more. Installing solar actually increases the value of your home and by a significant amount.

Myth #2: Solar Installations Only Works in Certain Climates

While solar installations can be more efficient in certain climates, they absolutely work in just about any climate. You can clearly see how well solar can still perform in cloudy climates when looking at Germany. 

The sunniest city in Germany only receives about thirty days of sunshine a year, yet Germany remains as one of the top installers of photovoltaic systems. Meanwhile, Connecticut receives approximately 82 days of sunshine a year. Almost three times as much sun as Germany. Even though solar might perform more efficiently in extremely sunny states such as California, they still provide a high return on investment even in cloudy areas like Germany. So, even though Connecticut does not have as many sunny days as California, it has significantly more sunshine than Germany where solar has become extremely successful.

Myth #3: Solar Installation will Damage Your Roof

We’ve all heard a horror story or two about a terrible contractor coming to install solar panels on someone’s roof only to cause significant damage through poor craftsmanship. While roof damage should stay a cause for concern whenever hiring anyone to work on your roof, installing solar panels does not carry anymore risk than installing a simple antenna. 

To avoid hiring a bad contractor, make sure to require they provide you with a complete plan of installation. This plan should include each task of the process as well as when they intend to perform each specific task. They must include time to install flashing around any required holes they create and a timeline for them to confirm all work was installed properly. If a contractor comes to you without a plan for either of these two steps, find a different contractor to complete your work.


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