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Texas Solar Incentives

Federal Tax Credit Up to 30% (ITC)

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit which reduces a person or business’ tax liability based on the amount they have invested in a solar energy project. The residential and commercial ITC are both worth 30% of a solar project’s cost though 2032.

Utility Savings and Bill Credits

Regardless of your service area, you can expect to save money off your electric bill by installing solar panels and receive a credit towards future payments for the energy your solar system produces and puts back into the grid.

Local Incentives

Texas offers some of the most compelling local solar incentives. Within our service area there are dozens of local incentives available. Our team will make sure you don't miss out on these savings!

Be Protected Against Blackouts

Using the power of batteries, turn your home into its own micro grid. Ensuring peace of mind through even the worst storms and longest outages.

Increase Property Value with No Property Tax Increase

When you get solar you can expect to add significant value to your home without touching your property tax assessment!

Lock in the Price of Power

Pay the same amount every month and hedge against utility rate increases. As a solar array will last 25 + years, you have the opportunity to pay 2023 prices in 2048 all for $0 down.

When you go solar in Texas you can expect to save money, gain energy independence, and increase the value of your home.

The Federal Government will even pay you back 30% of the system cost at tax time for installing a new solar array on your home.

When you go solar with Green Power Energy, you can expect to interact with local and trusted professionals. Green Power Energy’s Texas office is headquartered right in downtown Austin adjacent to the Colorado River. Green Power Energy is committed to serving Texas’ growing solar market with quality solar solutions for as little as no money down.

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We would like to share this knowledge with you to illustrate what we offer and how it can impact you. Both by lower monthly bills and helping reduce impacts to the environment.

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