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Solar Plus Storage: Is It The Ticket to Freedom from Utility Companies in New Jersey?

Green Bolt
Solar Storage in NJ

Solar plus storage has been catching traction among the homeowners in New Jersey. Solar energy is immensely promising as a clean, virtually unlimited source of power. It’s not prone to global economic volatility like oil and offers more reliable better energy security to economies.

Naturally, if you are a homeowner thinking of going solar, you are probably inclined to reduce your carbon footprint and simultaneously terminate your utility company’s connection.

Let’s take a look at whether you can, what you can do, and how solar plus storage can help you minimize your carbon footprint.

The Generac PWRcell which we have can supply 17.1 kWh of battery without getting recharged from the solar panels.  

Below is a graph from our Solar Plus Storage guide showing that all these things can get powered without a recharge.

Description of AC loadquantitywattshours per daykWhrs per day
Refrigerator w/ freezer 1143 9.6 1.372
Gas Furnace Fan 1750 107.5
Well Pump ½ HP12500 12.5
Computer Laptop245 8.36 
Phone Charging2516.08
Lighting Conventional56081.8
Lighting LED 5158.6
Electric Oven12000.25.5
Electric Range1800.25.2
AC Window Unit11000.5.5

Battery as Backup Storage

Most solar power systems work alongside utility grid connections because the utility connection works like a backup. When you have high power requirements during the day, or need power supply during the night, you get it from the grid. The utility connection complements your solar power system.

At the same time, the power that batteries supply can prove invaluable during a power outage due to a weather event or a grid malfunction. So, a battery is a backup during those unforeseen circumstances.


So, solar plus storage allows you to make money from your utility company, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect yourself from unforeseen blackouts.


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