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Solar Is Good for Business

Beyond the amazing financial benefits, solar panel installations certainly help businesses hedge against the volatility of electricity price and inflation. Through solar panel installations, businesses will be able to lock in the cost of electricity and minimize reliance on unpredictable expenses.

Why Solar Is Good for Business

There are numerous great reasons that explain why solar is good for business and some of these are as follows:

  • Good Savings
    While costs of electricity make up a big part of any business’s operational cost, there is still a way to recover from ultimately high costs and save money instead. By going solar, you are guaranteed great cost savings.
  • Good ROI
    For medium-sized systems, the payback period is about 4 years; that still leaves you a lot more years not to worry about electricity bills. Decreased cost of tools and equipment and government investments can make solar installations solid investments, therefore; relying on solar energy for power needs simply means more money that you can save.

    Moreover, having a solar grid adequately installed in your business could guarantee increased market value. Solar power won’t increase your taxes as other modifications would do. If in case you have decided to move elsewhere or sell your building, you can get a higher price and good ROI.

  • Local Economy Support
    Being a socially responsible business owner could mean a lot of things. The role can somehow include giving back to the community or extending help and care to its people. Solar installations are on site jobs performed by installers in the local community. Therefore, more solar installation projects could mean well-paid jobs and support to solar installation’s sector.

Make a Sound Solar Investment Today

Going solar is a smart and beneficial decision for your business both in the short and long run. This is a good capital investment and can contribute a lot to the reliable and healthy image of your business and allow you to save more on operational costs.

If you’re considering a solar installation for your business, choose Green Power Energy.

Why Choose a Commercial Energy System?

The following are great reasons that will surely convince you to invest on Commercial Energy Systems in NJ:

  • More than 7,400 commercial solar energy systems have been installed for over 4,000 businesses to date.
  • Commercial solar capacity has surpassed 2,562 MW which is enough to power 402,000 homes and offset the equivalent of 2.4 million metric tons of C02 annually.
  • Solar for businesses is successful across manufacturing, retail, distribution, and storage due to the strong Return on Investment.
  • Commercial solar energy systems in NJ have a strong Return on Investments through energy savings, SRECS, the solar tax credit, and MACRS Depreciation.
  • MACRS is the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System and allows business owners to depreciation 85% (net cost of solar at 50% tax credit) for 5 years.
  • Solar on businesses can also claim 50% of the solar depreciation in the first year. Depending on the business’ tax situation, the MACRS depreciation can add up to approximately 30% of the system cost back to the business owner.
  • Depreciation, Tax Credit, SRECs, and Energy savings means most commercial energy systems in NJ will see a return on investment in 4 years or less.

Commercial Energy Systems are designed to meet your power needs in a more practical and environmentally-friendly manner.

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