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Solar Energy In Uncertain Times

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How and When to Clean Your Solar Panels

Over the past few months, all of us have been affected by COVID-19 in some way. Some businesses are temporarily closing, many of us are staying at home more than we ever have, and uncertainty has worked its way into many aspects of daily life. Fortunately, the American people and essential workers are stepping-up so that we can weather the storm together. 

At Green Power Energy, we’re stepping up to ensure our customers don’t have to put their solar power goals on hold. As a company in the construction industry and therefore deemed essential, we’re adapting to conditions in order to keep our customers safe and satisfied. 


Due to COVID-19, some plans aren’t only being put on pause – they’re being canceled altogether. So, is solar energy still a wise investment? As we’ll demonstrate, solar energy might actually be more appropriate now than ever. 

One thing we can’t do at Green Power Energy is predict the future. Uncertainty is prevalent today. We’re not exactly sure what the future looks like. However, one thing we can be certain of is that the sun will rise and the supply of solar energy will remain constant.

Regardless of changes in demand for solar power, your solar energy system will be as reliable as the rising sun. Predictability and consistency in supply and cost are not characteristics of alternative energy sources. 

Our customers can also be certain that their solar power systems will function how they’re supposed to and that they’ll be maintained if an issue does arise.

Increase In Electricity Cost

We’re all familiar with rate increases. Whether it’s Netflix, auto payments, internet, water bill, or your fuel fund – most bills aren’t level over time. One bill that everyone has month after month is the electric bill. 

Customers of Green Power Energy will see consistent prices for their energy, leaving no room for surprises. According to Statista, in a study titled “U.S. average retail electricity prices 1990-2019”, the average electricity price increased by 4.03 cents, from 6.57 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 1990, to 10.6 cents per kWh in 2019. 

At first glance, a 4.03 cent increase per kWh may not seem significant. However, consider that in 2018 the average residential customer used 10,972 kWh of electricity. At 10,972 kWh annually, this is an increase of $442.17 per residential customer (not per household) since 1990.

Assuming that these trends continue, making the switch to solar power could help you avoid rate increase and allow you to have another predictable bill every month.

Switching To Solar

If necessity is the mother of invention, uncertainty is the mother of preparation. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, outfitting your property with solar power can help you lower your operating costs, lock in a consistent energy bill, and hedge against rate increases. 

Better yet, with Green Power Energy, all of this can be accomplished quickly, safely, and with little-to-no out of pocket expense. For more information, contact Green Energy Power to set up an online consultation today or click the link to book your online consultation.  Book Online.


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