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PA Electricity Prices Rising by 45%: Is It Finally Time for Solar Power?

Green Bolt

Pennsylvania residents woke up to a rude shock in late May earlier this year, when utility companies in the state collectivity announced that they are hiking their prices from June 1. Already bruised and battered by escalating fuel prices, residents are now left contending with a dramatic rise in their power bills, sometimes by as much as 45%. 

For an average Pennsylvania household with a $114.90 monthly power bill, the price rise could mean a $51.7 increase, if they do not curtail their power consumption. With kids spending more time at home for the summer break, reducing power consumption could be difficult for parents.

Whether the AC is on or not, it’s going to be one tough summer for the Pennsylvanians!

But, here’s the real bad news. It’s not just this summer; it’s probably going to be every summer going forward. Indeed, a blanket price increase by all utilities means that you will be paying overinflated higher power bills every month for the foreseeable future.

So, what do you do?

The Solution: Solar Energy

The state of Pennsylvania is heavily reliant on fossil fuels for power generation. In fact, natural gas, and coal together supply the bulk of utility power in the state. So, it goes to reason that whenever there’s a price fluctuation in fossil fuels, it affects the price of electricity.

In contrast, solar energy is free to produce. Sure, there’s a one-time investment in equipment and installation, but you don’t have to rely on any non-renewable source of energy.

The supply of sunlight is free and enormous. The sheer amount of sunlight received by landmasses on the planet is enough to power 300 earths. You will not be left wanting an energy source anytime in the foreseeable future.

As long as there’s sunlight, your solar panels will continue to churn out usable electricity for you for free.

Think of it like this: a solar power plant on your roof locks in your power rates for the next 25-40 years, which is how long most solar systems last. Once you go solar, you never have to worry about utility power prices or price increases ever again.

What’s more, you even get to save a great deal of money in avoided power bills, and government incentives.

It’s a financially wise decision.

So, yes. It’s time to go solar and has been for the past 10 years!


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