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Now is the Best Time to Add a Solar Battery to Your Rhode Island Solar System

Green Bolt

If you have been a Rhode Island resident for several years, you must be aware of the soaring electricity rates. Since 2015, National Grid continues raising the monthly bills, which resulted in many people looking for energy-source alternatives.

Many people embraced solar-powered technology into their homes and business to utilize our renewable resources for energy. It wasn’t long when another renewable technology emerged to promote sustainability further. Thus, the solar battery system paved the way to utilize power even under extreme circumstances. This innovation contributed to energy conservation and a substantial increase in savings.

Find out why you need to incorporate a solar battery to your existing solar system as early as today.

Is a Solar Battery Worth It?

The solar battery makes economic sense right now, especially with the increasing electricity bills. As mentioned above, electric costs will likely increase for the years to come and certainly won’t get any lower. Installation of solar batteries in Rhode Island can help residents save money on their utility bills. The energy stored in their batteries can be shored up to the energy network when needed. These are in instances of outages and malfunctioning panels or grids.

Now is the perfect time to incorporate a solar battery to your existing solar energy system. With soaring electricity prices, an abundance of sunshine, and a strong familiarity with solar technology, we are good to go.

The main thing that drives people away from implementing this system is likely the upfront costs involved. You need to spend at least  $15,000 to add good batteries like Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRcell into your system. What some people don’t know is you can quickly get past this dilemma. Rhode Island has numerous programs that offer rebates and incentives to those who will implement solar technology into their properties. One of the many programs includes the ConnectedSolutions Battery Demand Rebate Program.

ConnectedSolutions Battery Demand Rebate Program

National Grid introduced the ConnectedSolutions program to provide a sustainable solution to electricity costs in Rhode Island. ConnectedSolutions integrate the battery system across the grid to establish a virtual power plant. This program aims to reduce the stress directly on the grid that results in increasing monthly bills. Battery systems The participating battery systems charge and discharge during periods of peak demands. Additionally, this minimizes carbon emissions, infrastructure costs that go to physical plantations, and overall electricity rates.

The payment depends on the amount of energy your battery discharges to the grid. On average, Rhode Island residents who joined can receive up to $1,000 a year to reduce grid demand. Qualified participants are guaranteed to acquire incentives for the first five years with the possibility of extension. The payments can be received twice a year, divided into summer and winter seasons. These are also the periods when you can expect them to draw energy from your battery.

Ultimately, you need to join as early as now to qualify in this program. The applications for the upcoming winter incentives need to settle before December 30th. Although you can apply beyond that date, you cannot receive the full benefits for that season. The discharge events that you missed will reset to zero. All applications are to be completed and submitted to your inverter manufacturer.


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