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Mad Lavender Farm Installs Ground Mounted Solar Array

Green Bolt
Ground Mounted Solar

Milford, NJ – August 23, 2017 – Green Power Energy has recently installed a 15.64 kW ground mounted solar array at Mad Lavender Farm in Milford, NJ (Alexandria Township).  The ground mounted solar array will produce 21,000 kWhrs of clean energy annually.

This is will save the Lavender Farm over $3,000 in annual electric costs and allow them to collect upwards of $3,000 per year in SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates).  Although the cost savings are tremendous, the real motivation for installing this ground mounted solar array is the farm’s sustainability mission.

Ground Mounted Solar

Ground Mounted Solar and Mad Lavender’s Sustainability Mission

When speaking with Don Dalen, who runs Mad Lavender Farm along with his partner Adrienne Crombie, he emphasized the real reason for installing solar panels, “It fits our model.  We always wanted to go solar and our vision has been to create not only a sustainable financial system but also a sustainable farming system.”

Bee on Lavendar

The ground mounted solar array will offset the equivalent of 15,000 pounds of coal burned annually.  This, along with the other steps towards sustainability, are important to Mad Lavender Farm.  The ground mounted solar array was sized large enough to accommodate the farm’s electric vehicle and a switch of the HVAC system from oil to electric.  “The farm is all organic, we don’t use pesticides or any synthetic fertilizer,” Don said.   The farm also makes its own compost from the leaves they collect and from their animals which include chickens and goats.

Green Power Energy as the Installers of the Ground Mounted Solar Array

Mad Lavender Farm carefully chose Green Power Energy as the installers of their Ground Mounted Solar Array.  “Green Power Energy fit into my mission of sustainability by not only installing clean energy, but also because they are a local installer,” said Don.  Local, in addition to sustainable, is a common theme at Mad Lavender.  The farm partners with many local vendors to provide a wide assortment of products for sale.  Don expanded by saying, “I looked up reviews and liked what I found about Green Power Energy.  They even have solar energy themselves.  They worked close with us financially to get the solar funding we needed.”

Mad Lavender Farm Installs Ground Mounted Solar Array

Green Power Energy provided the turnkey solar installation service to the farm.  They also integrated them with solar financing through Sungage Financial.  By coupling Mad Lavender Farm with Sungage Financial, the Crombie’s were able to have their solar installed for a minimal cost.  With Sungage Financial, Mad Lavender Farm will still be cash flow positive because they are able to save on their electric usage, keep the NJ SRECs, and also keep the 30% Federal Tax Credit.

The ground mounted solar array will be a viable energy system on the farm for at least 20 years.  The ground mounted solution is great because it is out of the way of farm activity, faces the sun perfectly, and sends clean power back to the meter at the house.  In closing, Don added, “I took great pleasure in canceling my oil deliveries now that we are running on solar.”

About Mad Lavender Farm

Mad Lavender Farm is located in Alexandria Township (Milford), New Jersey.  The Farm was purchased by Adrienne’s father, John Crombie, in 1979.  Originally the property was a popular raspberry farm, but over time, the local deer population had decimated the crop.

About 10 years ago, Don and Adrienne moved from Frenchtown, NJ to the Crombie family farm in hopes of restoring the property to its former glory.  They found that lavender was a crop with many uses.  Lavender has great medicinal value and is also a deer resistant crop.  With the lavender, they make sachets, eye pillows, soaps, lavender infused honey, candles, short bread cookies, ice cream, and more. They open their farm to the public from June to September.  June is their busiest time as this is when the lavender blooms every year.

Mad Lavender Farm

In addition to lavender, they also have chickens, goats, a vegetable garden, and of course some raspberries.  Mad Lavender farm is great for a day trip to enjoy the lavender crop.  Be sure to inquire with Mad Lavender as a potential venue for parties and even yoga sessions.

Mad Lavender Farm is located at 452 CR 579 Milford, NJ 08848.

Hours of Operation:

June 1st – September 30th. Wednesday-Sunday: 10am – 4pm.

For more information on the farm, you can visit them on the web at http://madlavenderfarm.com

About Green Power Energy

Green Power Energy is a local New Jersey solar installation company in operation since 2009.  Green Power has its own in house installation crews.  They work with a variety of products and financing options to customize every installation.  The process is completely turnkey from design to installation, as well as a minimum of 10-years in follow up support.

For a free solar estimate from Green Power Energy, call their office line direct @908-713-9055, our visit them on the web at, www.greenpowerenergy.com.

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