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Is There Any Good Solar Installation Company in Bethlehem?

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Is There Any Good Solar Installation Company in Bethlehem?

Solar power has managed to capture the imagination of Bethlehem residents. The increased interest in solar is proportional to a growing number of solar installation companies. With more companies on the horizon, there is healthy competition brewing in Bethlehem. However, finding a good solar installation company in Bethlehem has also become tricky. Here are some tips to help you find the right company.

What is a Good Solar Installation Company?

A home solar system is a sophisticated setup. So, you cannot pick a good solar installation company in Bethlehem based solely on their prices. In fact, if a company offers surprisingly lower prices than all the other competitors, you should ask yourself what they are compromising on to offer such rock-bottom prices.

A good solar installation company in Bethlehem will coordinate with utility providers, gain permits from local authorities, undertake all the necessary paperwork, and perform more tedious jobs for you. They will leave little to nothing for the homeowners to do.

There is a lot of legwork involved in the process. So, ensure that you find an experienced company with a wealth of customer reviews from past clients.

Basis to Evaluate a Solar Installation Company in Bethlehem

Experience of the Company

As a thumb rule, do not choose a solar installation company that has experience of fewer than 5 years in the field. Also, be wary of general contractors who work in construction with little knowledge of solar installation trying to install your solar systems. They may use subpar equipment and perform faulty installations, primarily because they lack experience. Pick a company that exclusively deals in solar installations. You must sift through their online reviews to better understand their services and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Quality of Their Equipment

When you receive a solar quote, a good solar installation company in Bethlehem will go into the details of the equipment they will be using. They will mention the brand name, the model, the warranty of the product, and other such hardware details.

If a solar installation company is ambiguous in its quotes, it’s better to stay away from them. They are either inexperienced or unscrupulous in their business dealings.

Warranties They Offer

A good solar installation company in Bethlehem will share complete product warranty details. On top of that, they will cover product maintenance for multiple decades. A company that cannot stand behind its services is not to be trusted.

Making The Smart Choice

When you talk about a good solar installation company in Bethlehem, you cannot miss the name Green Power Energy. With an unbeatable reputation behind them, the company has managed to deliver on every promise made to its clients. Their glowing reviews and incredible testimonials say the rest. Green Power Energy should be at the top of that list if you are looking for a good solar installation company in Bethlehem.

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