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IronRidge Racking Joins Green Power Energy as Their Exclusive Solar Racking Partner

Green Power Energy is now working with IronRidge Racking exclusively on residential solar energy systems. IronRidge racking will now come standard with Green Power Energy on all New Jersey solar installations. When solar panels are installed on residential properties with a sloped roof, racking is needed to attach the panels to the roof. IronRidge’s solar racking components come with UFOs (Universal Fastening Objects), XR Rails and The Flashfoot 2.

XR Rails

XR Rails are unique because they have a curved shape that allows for increased strength and less roof penetration. It is compatible with all PV modules and available in 3 sizes. Each size supports specific design loads and reduces material costs.

  • XR100 – It’s the ultimate residential mounting rail as it supports a wide range of snow and wind conditions. XR100 has a clear and black anodized finish, 8′ span and heavy load capability.
  • XR10 – XR10 has a moderate load capability and 6′ span. It’s designed for regions with light to no snow. XR10 is lightweight and economical. The low-profile mounting rail has a clear and black anodized finish.
  • XR1000 – XR100 has a 12′ span and moderate load capability. The solar mounting rail is perfect for commercial applications due to its extreme load capability. It has a clear anodized finish.

Flashfoot 2

The FlashFoot is unique because it combines all the flashing components into one, easy to install the device. It is waterproof and has a lag bolt, aluminum flashing and a cap foot that acts as the L-foot. There’s also an additional EPDM backed washer for an extra layer of protection. The FlashFoot2 is easy to install and provides the waterproofing and strength needed for it to last decades.

Universal Fastening Objects

The Universal Fastening Objects from IronRidge works with most solar panel frames. It’s already assembled and lubricated. Since the UFO has integrated grounding, you don’t need to get separate grounding hardware. The clamp can stand on its own inside the rail thanks to its re-designed T-bolt. It attaches the solar panels directly to the XR Rails. The UFO can transform from a grounded mid clamp into a grounded end clamp by adding a stopper sleeve. The attachments, grounding lug, and splices are all bonded, which makes for a safer solar installation with less labor and parts.

The marriage of IronRidge racking and Green Power Energy is a no-brainer. IronRidge, like Green Power Energy, has been an industry standard for years. IronRidge has been an industry leader in solar since the mid-90s back when their focus was off-grid solar installations.

Green Power Energy feels confident in IronRidge because of their technology, their history and their 20-year product warranty which peace of mind to customers. IronRidge’s rigorous approach has led to distinctive structural features like reinforced flashings and curved rails. This is why their products are code compliant and fully certified. The company also provides design and installation services as well as parts for solar projects. IronRidge offers DIY solar kits and has a technical support team that is always ready to assist customers with their solar panel installation.

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