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How to Sign Up for $0 Down Solar Loan Programs in Durham

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How to Sign Up for $0 Down Solar Loan Programs in Durham

Installing a residential PV system for your home offers financial and environmental benefits. However, financially savvy homeowners constantly look for ways to best utilize their funds. They keep their eyes peeled open for opportunities in real estate, financial markets, business propositions, and so on. For them, locking in a solar system’s worth of money for several years (until it’s recovered fully in 7 years or so) may sound like a great idea, or even better, $0 down solar loans can be a game changer, as they let homeowners eat their cake and have it too.

Here’s how you can get $0 down solar loans in Durham.

Make Sure That You Qualify

The minimum qualification for solar loans is that the applicant must be a US citizen or permanent resident. They should also own a residential property in Durham, CT, and it should be this property for which they’re installing the solar system. 

Additionally, the applicant must have a high credit score to qualify for $0 down solar loans. Typically, credit scores of 640 and above is required for this type of loan, since the entire amount of the loan is unsecured, increasing the risk for lenders.

Verify With Solar Companies That You Qualify

Most solar contractors work closely with solar financing agencies to offer you exciting deals on solar loans. They’ll perform a soft credit check for you, so that it does not affect your credit score. A hard credit check is performed only after you’ve formally signed the application.

Following a soft credit check, solar contractors can confirm whether you qualify for $0 down solar loans. They’ll also let you know the interest rates and monthly payments you’ll make on your loan. Then you’ll be better equipped to make the decision.

Signing Up for $0 Down Solar Loans

Currently, Green Power Energy has the most simple, easy, and quick process to sign up for $0 down solar loans. We work with our financing partners to handle all the paperwork on your behalf. That includes giving you relevant information, answering your questions, and helping you understand the terms of the arrangement. Once you sign the credit application and loan agreement, we’ll perform a hard credit check and give you a response on the approval of the loan.

Exciting $0 Down Offers

After a decade in this business, we know the importance of choice – the choice to switch between financing options, the choice to choose the right plan, and more. That’s why, we have brought our customers an unbelievable deal on solar loans. Here’s how it works. 

You don’t pay a single cent in monthly payments or accrue any interest on your solar loan for the first 18 months. At the end of this period, you can pay for your solar system in one lump sum payment, change your financing payments depending on the amount contributed, usually using funds from the tax credits, or stick with the original $0 down solar loan. It’s your choice. 

That’s how flexible and amazing we are to work with.

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