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How to Get A No Money Down Solar Loan in Litchfield, Connecticut?

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How to Get A No Money Down Solar Loan in Litchfield, Connecticut?

A solar loan has become a highly successful financing option for homeowners in Litchfield, Connecticut. It allows homeowners to invest in their energy independence and go green without spending thousands of dollars. They can enjoy all the benefits of residential solar power without paying anything immediately.

While solar loans are growing in popularity, not every solar installation company in Connecticut offers them. Green Power Energy is among the limited few that offer a solar loan, alongside a long list of additional benefits. Here is what you need to know about the GPE solar loan if you live in Litchfield, Connecticut.

Benefits of the GPE Solar Loan

The zero-down solar loan helps you move to a cleaner and more affordable power source for your household at zero initial cost. With a GPE solar loan, you get more than just a zero-down solar loan. You also get the following:

  1. No Dealer Fees 

With a GPE solar loan, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars just for the right to finance the system. . The elephant in the room with solar loans is that it costs money to finance the systems.  This is what the solar companies don’t want you to know!  Sometimes your financed solar array can cost 10-20% more than it should.  But not with Green Power Energy.  Ask about our loans with no dealer fee so you can finance only the cost of your solar system!

  1. Flexible Terms 

GPE solar loan makes it easier for you to adopt solar power.. GPE offers competitive APRs with low monthly payments to make your repayment as convenient as possible.  Choose terms from 5-25 years for your solar system.  Pay it off quickly or opt for low payments over a longer term.  We understand that solar loans are not one size fits all! 

  1. No Prepayment Penalty and Easy Transfers

Pay it all now, or pay it later.  There is absolutely no prepayment penalty when you finance your solar with Green Power Energy.  Planning to sell your home? No problem!  With Green Power Energy’s solar loans, transfers is easy and should you choose to pay it off at the time of sale there is no penalty! 

  1. More than Solar

Not every home is ready for  a solar power installation. Reroofing, tree trimming, and other such tasks might sometimes be required. In that case, GPE’s solar financing covers those expenses too. 

  1. Solar Tax Credit (ITC)

GPE consultants will educate you on all the federal and local incentives accompanying your solar loan to help you get the best deal on your installation.  With our solar loans, you will be eligible for the tax credit. 

  1. State Incentives

 Homeowners in Litchfield may be eligible to also collect the Netting Tariff when they go solar for $0 down.  This incentive is a unique billing mechanism which pays homeowners a premium just for producing solar energy. 

Switch to Solar and Save

GPE enables the Litchfield homeowners to switch to solar power with a $0 solar loan without any loan fee. The 25-year loan term lets you pay a nominal monthly installment while saving on utility bills.

Remember that switching to solar power removes you from the rate hike cycle. It is the same as getting a lock-in period on your electricity rates. You get electricity at predetermined prices with just one decision – opting for a GPE solar loan.

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