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How to Find the Best New Jersey Solar Installers?

If you want a high-quality solar power installation that works flawlessly, produces energy efficiency, and lasts multiple decades, then you must choose a trusted and reliable solar installer. The recent popularity of solar power has spawned a large number of solar power providers across New Jersey. But not all of them are equal.

How do you find the best New Jersey solar installer for your project?

Here are some tips to help you in your search:

  1. Smooth Experience
    Consumer-centric solar installers make it effortless for you to work with them. From the initial consultation to inspection to installation, everything works like clockwork and involves minimum intervention from your side. More importantly, they are happy to answer your questions, explain their T&Cs, and keep everything transparent. 

    The best solar installers know that solar power installation is important to you and therefore, offer you quick and timely consultation, and a quote, for free.
  1. Strong Customer Service
    Every solar installer claims that they offer the best service. Instead of relying on their claims, try to get hard numbers on their service quality and responsiveness. 

    How much time does it take for them to respond to customer issues? How much time do they take to fix the issue? Questions like these help you evaluate different solar installers based on comparable metrics, rather than nebulous adjectives.  Green Power Energy for example, employs a full-time service crew.  Be sure to find out a company’s commitment to service in their solar power installation. 
  1. Brands and Products
    Low-quality solar power equipment manufacturers typically offer high margins to retailers and installers. So, it’s not uncommon for installers to push an obscure brand’s products. Do your research and find an installer that works with a reputed brand’s products. Green Energy Power works primarily with LG and QCell products that come with proven quality. 
  1. Warranties
    While manufacturers offer equipment warranties, installers too offer separate service warranties. Service providers who don’t trust their service quality offer only short-term warranties lasting five years or so. Some of the good solar installers offer up to 10 years.

    Green Power Energy beats its competition in flying colors by offering an unmatched 25-year service warranty on its installations. That’s hard to match.
  1. Rock Solid References
    Quite simple, isn’t it? If you want to get an honest opinion on an installer’s products and services, ask their past clients.

Solar installers who have an excellent track record of delivering high-quality solar installations that realize substantial savings for their owners won’t mind sharing some references to help you get feedback on their services.
Green Power Energy has an illustrious track record spanning 12+ years of high-quality solar installations and after-sales service. To learn more about our service, get in touch.

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Get Started Today

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