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How to Check and Compare Solar Estimates like a Pro in Durham, CT?

Green Bolt

Comparing solar quotes from different solar installers is not exactly rocket science. Anyone can do it. However, there’s a method to it. It’s important to follow this method because every solar company tries its hardest to present a quote that appears the best. But honestly, very few are!

So, what’s this secret solar quote comparison method, and how to do it? Well, it’s not really a secret. In fact, it’s quite simple and sounds quite obvious once we go through it. So, let’s get started, shall we not?

Don’t Focus Entirely on Prices

It sounds like something an expensive solar installer would say, but think about it. Common sense dictates, “You get what you pay for,” and it has never been truer in the case of solar panel systems.

Solar equipment and services vary vastly in terms of quality. So, if you go with the cheapest deal, the chances are that you’ll get precisely that!

Review Brands and Products

We’ve said it before a hundred times, and we’ll say it again, “Always keep an eye out for the brands and products your solar installer uses.” Variables like a strong reputation for quality, high performance, long-term warranties, warranty fulfillment, low annual degradation rates, and so on, matter the most. Do not compromise on these aspects.

Compare Similar Size Systems

Shady solar installers often use a nifty little trick to reduce the size of their quote – they design a sub-optimal solar solution for your home. In other words, they’ll reduce the size of your solar system. Fewer solar panels translate to lower prices, and everyone is happy. Well, everyone, until the customer actually starts using the solar solution. Then, only the solar installer is happy, while you are left disillusioned by a solar solution that doesn’t adequately meet your power needs.

Always Look For Warranties and Guarantees

A home solar solution is one of the most crucial home improvement projects you’ll undertake in your lifetime. The rewards are tens of thousands of dollars in savings, but the investment is considerable too. So, make sure that your investment is protected against faults and issues. Top solar brands have complete confidence in their products and offer warranties typically ranging from 20-25 years in duration. 

Some solar installers offer service guarantees too. Green Power Energy, for instance, provides a flat 25-year warranty on its service.

Before we wrap it up, remember, always read the fine print in detail before you fall in love with a solar quote.


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