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How Much Power Do Home Solar Systems Generate in Cherry Hill?

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How Much Power Do Home Solar Systems Generate in Cherry Hill?

Home solar systems in Cherry Hill can become your gateway to energy freedom. The wattage of a solar panel represents its ideal power generation capacity. However, it changes with multiple variables, including peak sunlight hours in a day, number of solar panels, angle of the solar panels, and so on. So, how much power do home solar systems generate in Cherry Hill? Let’s find out.

Power Produced by Average Solar System

Panel manufacturers know the average solar power output for all their products. You can see the figures on the product labels. This wattage describes the highest quantity of power that the solar panel can generate. It is worth noting that manufacturers usually test their products at temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. They do not account for wind speeds or any obstructions.

An average American household requires 9000 kWh of power annually. A solar panel typically produces 320 watts or 0.32 kW of electricity on a sunny day. So, a household needs around 21 panels installed to power them through the year. That’s an approximate estimate.

In real life, the conditions are not always uniform, and obstructions are usually present. So, you can expect the solar panel’s output to be lower than the maximum rating labeled by the manufacturer.

A solar services provider can inspect and find out the variables impacting your system’s power generation. They will then be better placed to provide a more precise estimate of the number of solar panels your house needs.

Variables That Affect Home Solar Systems in Cherry Hill

When you want to calculate how many panels should make your home solar system in Cherry Hill, you have to consider your household needs and local conditions.

Household Needs

Your household needs will include your energy needs, the square footage of your roof, and any obstructions that may reduce the amount of sunlight your house receives. If you have higher energy needs, you will need more panels. If you have a smaller roof, you may go for panels with more wattage so that they can produce power with more efficiency. Houses with obstructions that are casting shading on the roof can get solar panels with higher efficiency. Local Conditions

Cherry Hill receives 4.9 hours of peak sunlight every day. So, approximately 4.9 hours of sunlight X 320 watts from the solar panel = 1568 watts or roughly 1.6 kWh per day. 

Over a year, you can generate around 550-600 kWh of power from each solar panel installed on your roof in Cherry Hill. You can divide your power needs by 550 kWh to determine the maximum number of solar panels you need.


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