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How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Power in Bethlehem, PA?

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Have you been quoted hunting online solar quote generator websites for the best deal on rooftop solar? Then, you’re probably surprised by the vast range of prices offered by various solar companies. Why do prices vary so much? What’s the ideal price for a residential solar installation in Bethlehem? Questions like these are probably doing rounds in your head. Worry not; this post will help you get better clarity on the situation on the ground.

But before we get there, let’s take a quick look at the factors that determine your PV system’s cost. 

Factors That Determine A Solar System’s Cost

  • Power Requirement and Size

The cost of solar panels depends on the number of solar panels required for your system, which in turn depends on your household power requirement. For example, a standard Panasonic EverVolt 370W solar panel costs about $1.2 per watt of installed capacity. If you need a 7kW solar panel array, the cost of panels alone will be $8,400.

  • Racking

The solar panels are not directly installed on your roof. A racking system is installed on your roof, and the solar panels are set up on this racking system. If you have a complicated roof design, then a more complex racking system would be required. This will reflect in the cost too.

  • Inverters

You can choose between string inverters and microinverters for your project; each has its own pros and cons, including price differences. The common solutions for residential solar systems in Bethlehem, PA may be either SolarEdge Power Optimizers or Enphase Microinverters.

  • Performance Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems (like bidirectional meters) are installed with your system to help you with net metering, renewable energy certificates, and so on.

  • Installation Service

Solar companies hire electricians, engineers, solar experts, technicians, roof experts, and other professionals to ensure that your PV system installation goes smoothly. Besides the labor costs, there are also marketing and overhead expenses the company has to recover.

Equipment sourcing, permits, documentation, applying for financial incentives, scheduling inspections by government officers, getting approvals from utility companies for interconnection, and the list of things they do goes on.

When all is said and done, a solar installation – including both equipment and setup – costs in the vicinity of $3 per watt of installed capacity. So, a 7 kW system can cost about $21,000, with the net cost being lower when considering financial incentives like the federal solar tax credit.


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