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How Many Batteries Do You Need for Storing Residential Solar Energy In Rhode Island?

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Modern solar power systems produce enough electricity to meet the power needs of most households in Rhode Island. However, they come with an inherent drawback – when the grid is down, the panels won’t perform.

You are looking for ways to secure your power supply during outages. And, you are thinking a battery would be a great way to do it. So, the question is – how many batteries would you need?

Well, the answer to that question is not as simple as it seems. Keep reading to find out why.

When Do You Need A Battery?

The size or the number of batteries you need depends on your unique power needs and priorities. Here are some reasons why you could be considering installing a battery:

  • Better Reliability

Aging grid systems, increasing weather anomalies, and inefficient energy delivery systems are causing more and more power outages in recent years. So, having a battery-equipped solar power system can offer you a resilient system against outages.

  • Smart Savings

Your utility company may charge you a higher price on your power consumption during peak hours. By switching to your battery during those hours, you can protect yourself against peak-hour energy premiums. There is a  financial benefit of combining your solar installation with a battery. The National Grid “ConnectedSolutions” Battery Rebate program allows solar battery customers to discharge their battery into the grid system during high power demand events and get paid for it. 

In Rhode Island, an average 6.7KW battery system can deliver an annual payout of up to $2,680. 

How Many Batteries Might You Need? 

This depends on your home’s demand for power and how many appliances and utilities you may need to power during an outage. 

Generac PWRcell for example has a capacity of 17.1 kWh.  Thing of this as how much fuel is in the tank.  The battery will continue to be recharged with solar during an outage so long as their is adequate sunlight to charge the battery. 

The below table outlines what you may be able to power during an outage: 

Description of AC loadquantitywattshours per daykWhrs per day
Refrigerator w/ freezer 1143 9.6 1.372
Gas Furnace Fan 1750 107.5
Well Pump ½ HP12500 12.5
Computer Laptop245 8.36 
Phone Charging2516.08
Lighting Conventional56081.8
Lighting LED 5158.6
Electric Oven12000.25.5
Electric Range1800.25.2
AC Window Unit11000.5.5
Total16,463 kWhrs

From this table, we can say that most household appliances can be covered in 1 day without recharge using your Generac PWRcell.  Generac PWRcell has a large capacity.  Tesla Powerwall has a 13.5 kWhrs capacity, so if you are using Tesla you may need multiple units.  Green Power Energy’s batteries can be installed with multiple units to account for the varying demand in different households.  Contact Green Power Energy today for a custom battery quote for your home.  We will work with you to find the right battery unit or units for your home or business.


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