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How Do I Decide Which CT Solar Company to Use?

To get the best possible benefits from your solar installation, you have to work with the right solar company.

One can only earn the maximum extent of savings if they obtain the right sized solar system, with the right components, at the right price. It is integral for Connecticut property owners to invest in solar equipment that will last for many years.

CT solar companies like Green Power Energy can give you a wide array of options to explore your solar possibilities. The warranties, streamlined installation, and financing options ensure that you receive a sufficient return on your investment.

The goal of going solar isn’t only short-term savings. Instead, you should be able to reap benefits for the next 25 years or more. The key to this success lies in proper installation, management, and service. Only the most trusted solar company can make this happen.

Finding an Authentic Solar Company to Work With

Before working with a solar company, make sure their services are legitimate. You can check their business licenses and insurance policies to verify their eligibility.. A solar company that does not have these is already a huge red flag.

You cannot only take their word for it. The company should be able to showcase verifiable documentation of their business. You can always get their license number and verify its authenticity.

Asking for Testimonials

Apart from the business-related documents, a reputable solar company provides a proven track record. This record can give you an idea of the type of projects they have handled. Check their customer testimonials and references to see how they work. If possible, reach out to some of their latest customers to authenticate their legitimacy. This opportunity is also an excellent way for you to verify their customer service, work ethic, and quality of work. If they have examples from previous solar projects, that would be even better.

Working With Inexperienced Solar Installers

There will always be solar companies that offer ridiculously low rates. More often than not, these companies have inexperienced teams trying to get into the industry. Since they have limited experience and have only handled a few projects, it is your choice if you are willing to take the risk. A poorly done solar installation can bring long-term damage to your home. Besides degrading the value of your home, it can result in multiple problems. These potential issues include, but are not limited to:

  • When panels don’t seal properly, it may lead to a leaking roof.
  • Poorly installed solar systems can likely lead to exposed wirings. These can decrease the lifespan of your solar system and its overall performance.
  • It can disqualify your warranty, especially if the solar system becomes incompatible with the manufacturer’s specifications.

It is safer to work with a solar company that has numerous years of experience in the industry. They can manage unprecedented situations and address solutions to streamline and minimize the expenses of the solar installation.  Ask them how committed they are to their service.  Green Power Energy for example operates 3 full time service crews.  Does the company behind the low cost quote offer service?  This is important to know. 

What to Ask a Solar Company

When meeting with solar companies, it is essential to have all your concerns addressed before getting into the project. This opportunity helps you prevent misunderstandings and confusion in the future.

Apart from their services and rates, ask them about after-services. A reliable solar company will guide you through the installation and after all the work has finished. You can inquire about the type of warranties they offer and their coverage. It is essential to know if they cover the system and its components or shipping and labor for replacing them. Determine the warranty terms regarding the individual system components. Does it cover everything as a whole?

Additionally, it’s best to be clear about particular possibilities. For instance, ask them what steps they would take if the system did not deliver as intended. Most often, solar companies offer a performance guarantee, including break-even points, internal rate of return, and others when this scenario ensues.

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