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Hesco Lighting and Electric Supply Installs Solar Array at Annandale Location

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ANNANDALE, NJ –¬†September 7, 2017 – Hesco Lighting and Electric Supply has installed an 84.32 kW solar array at their Annandale, NJ location with a local solar installer, Green Power Energy. ¬†Hesco is an electrical supply center and lighting showroom.

Hesco has been owned by the Quick family since 1968.  They know electrical supply and lighting, and they also know just how costly electricity charges can be when you own a lighting showroom.  In a world where most people are constantly turning off their lights to save money, Hesco must actually keep hundreds of them on all day for their business.

solar array at Hesco Lighting

About The Solar Array at Hesco

Hesco’s solar array is a rooftop array that will produce 105,430 kWhrs of energy per year. ¬†It is comprised of (248) SunPower solar modules, SolarEdge inverters and optimizers, and Dynoraxx racking components. ¬†The system will produce enough energy to offset the electrical demand on site which is the dollar equivalent of approximately $12,000 per year in electricity. ¬†In addition to the electric offset, the Quick family will be able to take advantage of New Jersey’s SREC Program, MACRS Solar Deprecation, and the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC). ¬†“What made this project possible was the 30% tax credit,” said Gary Quick, who works alongside his father Fred, at Hesco. “Solar can be a large investment, but the federal incentives make it much more manageable.” ¬†The year one savings from the tax credit and from the other incentives make the investment not only manageable, but actually quite attractive. ¬†When you add up the electric savings along with all of the other incentives, 50% of the out pocket investment is recuperated in just year one, while the Return on Investment (ROI) is expected to be met around 5 years. ¬†“We believe it is a very good investment overall. ¬†It will reduce our everyday overhead, and create an an additional source of revenue from the SRECS,” Gary added. ¬†Green Power Energy has a webpage you can visit with a clear break down of commercial solar incentives which can be found, here.

Hesco’s Unique Approach to Electric Supply and Lighting

Hesco provides a unique and local service to their customers. ¬†In an age of competition from big box stores and the world wide web, Hesco has evolved to stand out from the pack. ¬† They have kept their prices in line with large retailers and also provide a knowledge and service you can’t get online. ¬†In their lighting showroom you recieve expert recommendations to find the perfect fixture for your home or business. ¬† Hesco’s experts can also help you choose the most efficient bulbs for that fixture which will provide the best ambiance. ¬†Downstairs, at their electrical supply counter, the service is made easy for homeowners and local electricians alike. ¬†You may be able to buy a fuse or box online, but you won’t be able to talk to experts who can make sure you are keeping with local code and getting the best bang for your buck.

Green Power Energy as The Installer of The Solar Array

Beyond keeping their price point competitive and priding themselves on local, expert service, Hesco has made careful financial decisions to stay competitive. ¬†“I see this solar project as part of our key to survival,” Gary said. ¬†“We interviewed three companies and ended up choosing Green Power Energy. ¬†I liked Green Power Energy because they are local to Annandale. ¬†Their Vice President of Sales, Stephen Daly, was able to explain to us the technological aspects of solar in layman’s terms.” ¬†Green Power Energy as the local installer was able to pair Hesco with quality materials at a fair price, all while providing their local knowledge, just like the model Hesco follows themselves.

More About Hesco Lighting and Electric Supply

Hesco was founded in 1968 with a location in Lebanon, NJ. ¬† The company’s initial focus was in electric supply, but as the business grew, local contractors were requesting lighting fixtures in order to bring their jobs to completion. ¬† The original lighting showroom was opened in Princeton in 1981 and is still open for business today. ¬†Their location in Annandale was opened soon after and is now powered by Green Power Energy’s solar array. For more information about Hesco and for a catalog of their products, visit their website, here.

To contact Green Power Energy about their commercial solar services you can reach them anytime, here.



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