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Here’s Why Solar Energy Installation Is the Obvious Next Step for Electric Car Users in NJ

Green Bolt

The recent ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline unraveled into the biggest oil shock and panic buying we had witnessed in recent years. While starkly reminding everyone of the fragile state of our infrastructure, the attack also laid bare our unhealthy dependence on oil, a commodity that’s in limited supply and destroying the planet slowly but surely.

All of this is not lost on the keen observers among us. They understand that renewable energy is the only solution and electric automobiles are the future of transportation. Naturally, electric car sales have soared in the past few years, a trend that’s here to stay.

Once you go electric, you can say goodbye to your local gasoline station, supply-demand dynamics of oil, and greenhouse gas emissions, or can you?

Sure, you don’t have to visit the gas station or worry about oil prices; you are still not free from greenhouse gas emissions – because guess how your electricity is generated?

If you live in New Jersey, roughly 69.5% of the power generated in the state is from natural gas, which is a significant producer of greenhouse gases, although not as big of a culprit as coal. 

So, if one of the reasons for you to go electric was reducing your carbon footprint, then you have an unfulfilled mission before you. The next step is quite obvious when you think about it – installing solar power for your house. Here’s why:

0% CO2 Emissions

When you go solar, all your energy needs can be met by 100% renewable energy that does not produce any greenhouse gases as a byproduct. It’s clean, safe, and good for the planet. More importantly, your entire house’s energy needs will be met with solar power, which, in turn, brings down your whole family’s carbon footprint.

And It’s FREE

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not cost a thing. It’s abundantly available and unlimited (practically, of course) in supply. You can power your house and your car with free energy for several decades. In fact, top-notch solar panels last longer than most cars and come with 25-year warranties. So, your solar panels will keep you and your family environment-friendly for longer than your car does.

Not Just Savings, But Actual Cash Flow

Although purchasing a solar installation can sometimes require an upfront capital investment, it pays for itself in less than 6 years on average. Beyond that, it not only saves you money in utility bills but also creates a consistent income source via net metering and other performance-based incentive programs from the government.

In effect, you get paid for running your electric car on solar energy, instead of the other way around.
Get in touch with us to discuss your energy needs. We’d be happy to design and install a solar system that meets your house’s and your electric car’s power requirements.


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