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Here’s How Solar Plus Storage Gives You Maximum Economic Benefit in Stroudsburg, PA

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Here’s How Solar Plus Storage Gives You Maximum Economic Benefit in Stroudsburg, PA

An increasing number of solar customers in Stroudsburg, PA are choosing to add battery storage to their home solar solutions. Battery storage gives them a higher degree of energy independence and makes strong financial sense.

Check out the various economic benefits you stand to gain from adding battery storage to your solar solution in Stroudsburg, PA.

26% Effective Reduction in Price

When you buy battery storage to go with your solar solution, you qualify for the federal tax credit, which you can claim when filing your annual tax returns.

As long as you have the income to claim the full tax credit, you get an effective 26% discount on all your solar installation costs, including that of your battery storage. That’s the kind of deal you won’t find ever again. This tax credit is slated to be tapered out and rolled back in a couple of years. So, it’s a time-limited deal too.

Long-term Ownership Costs

What do you do when you suffer a power outage?

Sure, you can wait for the power to be restored, which can take anywhere between a few hours to several days, or create a backup plan. Solar-plus storage is the most competent backup plan you can currently have. After all, you will be saved clean and free energy from your solar panels for later use. 

The alternatives are fossil fuel generators, which are not only highly polluting but also less efficient. You end up spending more money to get the same amount of power out of them. Moreover, if you rent them, that’s an additional cost; if you buy them, prepare yourself for many maintenance headaches because of their moving parts.

Battery storage has no moving parts and easily lasts several decades with minimum issues. 

Energy Independence During Outages

You should know that solar installations have a built-in “kill” switch, which automatically switches off all power in your home when it detects a power outage. This is to prevent your house from feeding power to the grid, which can endanger the lives of people working on the grid to fix the outage.

However, there’s a workaround, called islanding, which disconnects your solar system from the grid whenever it detects an outage without shutting off your power. So, you can keep enjoying energy produced by your solar panels during the day, store excess energy in your battery, and use it at night.

In the new work-from-home reality we live in, the backup energy can be the difference between getting mission-critical work done and loss of business revenue.


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