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Green Power Energy named Panasonic’s Fastest Growing Installer

Green Bolt

Panasonic is breaking away as a clear leader in premium residential solar panels. For many years, SunPower took the number one spot because of their patented Maxeon Cell technology. They left their competitors in the dust while providing a product and performance warranty that lasts for 25 years.
This 25-year product warranty is a significant selling point for homeowners. There are other residential solar panel companies that provide the 25-year performance warranty, but SunPower is the only provider that offers a 25-year product warranty as well.

The one Green Power Energy named Panasonic's Fastest Growing Installerbig looming problem with SunPower has always been their price point.

Before customers can use the company’s solar panels, they need to spend almost double for residential solar panels. This made SunPower an option for tech-savvy and wealthy individuals. It may really be intended for clients who want to jump on board with the company’s easy financing programs and residential solar panel customers that need additional power because of a limited roof space.

Green Power Energy has used SunPower on a variety of installations. We incorporate SunPower into commercial space and residential properties. In order to maintain a competitive advantage within the marketplace, we have also incorporated Panasonic into our solar panel portfolio.
In 2018, Green Power Energy and Panasonic have experienced significant and constant growth in New Jersey solar panels. With our commitment to providing the highest quality of services, Green Power Energy has been named as Panasonic’s Fastest Growing Installer this year. As a company we are very honored to have received this recognition.

As the fastest growing installer of 2018, we are eager and committed to delivering a high-quality product and customer experience. A large volume of Green Power Energy’s sales come from the Panasonic 330-watt solar module. The Panasonic 330-watt solar panel boasts an efficiency of nearly 20%, a black frame, a 25-year product and performance warranty, and a monocrystalline solar cell. With so many great benefits, it’s no wonder why different homeowners decide to use this product. It is a high-quality solution that’s worth the investment. The best part about the Panasonic 330-watt solar panel is that its price point remains exceptionally competitive and pretty soon all of their equipment will only be made in the USA.

Ask Green Power Energy whether Panasonic solar modules are right for your residential solar panel project or not. As a reputable service provider, we are a brand that can be trusted when it comes to quality service and products.

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