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Green Power Energy Launches the Best Solar Loan in NJ

Green Bolt

As we entered 2021, New Jersey climbed into the #2 position on the list of states with the highest installed residential solar capacity. The enormous success of the state’s solar program owes its success to a variety of solar incentives, easy access to solar financing, and a concerted effort by the state and federal governments to improve solar adoption.

However, not everything is perfect. Well, until now, that is. Solar financing often came with high interest rates, especially to homeowners with low credit scores, ultimately making solar loans infeasible for them.

Green Power Energy is putting an end to it.

0% Interest Rate

Isn’t that the best interest rate on your solar loan? Surely nothing can top it, right?

Green Power Energy’s new solar loan offer comes with a flat 0% interest rate for the first 12-18 months. Get your solar installation today and enjoy nearly one and a half year of interest waiver on your solar loan. It’s incredible!

$0 Down Payment

Once again, Green Power Energy has upped the ante for other solar companies operating in the NJ area. Get your solar installation from us, and enjoy a hassle-free solar loan that comes with a $0 down payment option. Your entire solar investment is converted into easily manageable monthly payments.

$0 Monthly Payment

Seriously, it shouldn’t get any better, but we keep delivering!

Just like you don’t pay any interest on your solar loan for 12-18 months, you don’t pay any monthly payments either. In fact, you don’t have to spend a cent before, during, and after solar installation for the length of the mutually decided payment deferment period.

Extreme Flexibility

At the end of the 12-18 months of your solar installation, you can decide whether you want to make one lump sum payment, convert it into a solar loan at 7.99%, or turn it into a power purchase agreement (solar lease). 

If you choose to go with a solar loan, your monthly payments start from that point.

Even More Flexibility

Green Power Energy’s solar loans come with highly convenient payment schedules. You can repay your loans over a period of 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years, as per your convenience.
Want to know more about our brilliant solar loan? Get in touch.


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