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Green Power Energy is Now Offering Sense Solar Energy Monitoring in Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania

You can only achieve the full capacity of your solar systems with accurate planning. Part of creating an elaborate plan is staying on top of possible issues and resolving them right away. Solar energy monitoring allows you to correct these issues before they get out of hand.

What are Solar Monitoring Systems?

Solar monitor systems track the performance of your solar technology to ensure its efficiency. These provide a real-time calculation of the amount of energy that you produced at a given time. This calculation keeps you updated with your solar system’s condition, making it easier to resolve malfunctions immediately. You can also quickly determine how many kilowatt-hours of individual electrical appliances.

Solar energy monitoring has software that works with the solar inverter that helps you track your system’s status. You receive useful information and alerts about your solar technology through a data logger-gateway.

Do You Need Solar Monitoring?

The quick answer to that is yes! Many unexpected factors can affect the performance of your solar system. These include improper wiring, defective inverters, inconsistencies on solar panel output, malfunctioning battery, etc. Many residents tend to overlook these problems because they don’t have solar monitoring systems. Without a reliable system stability check, you’ll never be sure of your solar system’s efficiency.

Solar Energy Monitorings For Connecticut Residents

Green Power Energy offers Enphase Envoy for the Enphase customers and SolarEdge Monitoring for SolarEdge customers. The main differences between are in the type of inverters used. Enphase Envoy makes Enphase micro-inverters ideal for module-level monitoring. You can also access and monitor your solar system on your phone and share data with your family and friends.

SolarEdge Monitoring is for SolarEdge string inverters that monitor how much energy you use and even your savings. This monitoring software also has a panel by panel monitoring feature. This inverter also alerts you when issues arise and automatically performs troubleshooting as needed.

Green Power Energy’s Latest Addition: Sense Monitoring

Sense energy monitoring is the newest monitoring system, now available to CT, NJ and RI residents, thanks to Green Power Energy. This monitoring provides a broader understanding of the amount of solar power you produce in real-time. Sense not only determines the amount of your energy consumption but even the load on a specific appliance, which allows you to analyze consumption from each device and use Sense’s insight to anticipate the estimated running cost. You can also use this information to determine which appliances in your home or business need repair or energy-efficient upgrades.

Sense energy monitoring is available both on the web and mobile, showing a comprehensive analysis of your energy usage over time. They also provide useful graphs and bubble charts to demonstrate and quantify their insight effectively. For instance, they categorize your appliances into “Light” and “Heat” to differentiate their specific power load. They report this pattern after a full power cycle, which can take a few weeks to months. Moreover, this can be a game-changer in letting residents know where their power goes to promote solar energy efficiency further.

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