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Green Power Energy is now an LG Pro Platinum Solar Installer!

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Learn About LG Solar Panels – A Great Option in NJ, CT, and PA!

Green Power Energy is proud to announce that we have been named an LG Pro Platinum Installer!  This is an honor reserved for few solar installers.  What this means is Green Power Energy can offer some of the most efficient solar panels (350w +, 20% + efficiency) at some of the best prices in the business!

High Efficiency Gives You the Power You Need

The new LG NeON® R Module offers a perfect solution for any New Jersey solar installation. It has sixty high efficiency solar cells laid out in a 6 x 10 grid for an aesthetically appealing roof system.  Green Power Energy offers this product in a sleek “all black” solution as well.  Beyond the solid single color, LG panels are also thinner in size and have small wires which add to the aesthetic.  These types of arrays look nice and don’t take away from curb appeal, but actually add to it.  The high durability and long 25-year warranty ensure the integrity of your solar system throughout its entire lifespan.

With the LG NeON® R Module, you get an efficiency level of 20.3% making it one of the most efficient models available to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut residents. It also performs extremely well on sunny days with an improved temperature coefficient compared to previous models. This ensures you capture every bit of solar energy possible, which is especially important in the tri-state area where we can experience plenty of overcast days.

It also provides an exceptionally high-power output in comparison to other models. They designed the NeON® R to work in limited spaces while still being cost effective. This makes it great for suburban homes in densely population New Jersey or Connecticut, where space is regularly an issue for solar installations.

The LG NeON® R Delivers a Lasting Solution

Everything about the LG NeON® R Module was made to last in any environment regardless of abuse. Their new reinforced frame design allows the NeON® R to withstand front loads of up to 6,000 Pa and rear loads of up to 5,400 Pa. This makes it perfect for withstanding snow or even hurricane force winds which have been occasionally experienced in New Jersey and Connecticut.

Through the n-type cells used in this new model, the LG NeON® R experiences limited Light Induced Degradation after installation. This ensures you maintain the efficiencies you expect. After the first five years, this solar panel remains 95% as efficient as on day one. In twenty-five years, it will still be 90.08% as efficient.

LG is so confident in the durability and limited degradation of power output they include a 25-year warranty to ensure you receive exactly what you expect. This 25-year warranty even includes labor for repairs in case of any failures. It also guarantees that your solar panel produces at least 90.08% of its initial power output after 25 years of use. When you use an LG NeON® R you never need to worry about unexpected expenses or repairs with your solar system.

Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Roof

The sleek 6 x 10 grid of cells and low profile design keeps the aesthetics of your roof in-tact while providing power to your house. It blends in perfectly with any existing shingles, so you’ll barely even notice its there until you look at your power bill. This solar panel keeps a low profile with a thickness of only 1.57 inches. After the panel has been installed, you can barely see it on your roof. It also has a tempered glass cover with an AR coating to ensure you never find scratches on the panel keeping the same appearance throughout its life as you received on day one.

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