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Green Power Energy Installs Solar Panels in North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey in 2018

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Green Power Energy Installs Solar Panels in North Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey in 2018

Green Power Energy’s service area covers the very northern corner of New Jersey all the way to Cape May.  In 2018, Green Power Energy completed commercial solar installations, residential solar installations, and agricultural solar installations, totaling over 300 individual solar installations in NJ for over 4 MW of clean solar energy. 

Areas where Green Power Energy completed the most solar installations in NJ were in Monroe Township, Princeton, Little Egg Harbor, and Flemington.   

2018 Installations

In Monroe Township, New Jersey, Green Power Energy completed over 25 solar installations in 2018. 

Monroe Township has been a great place for homeowners in New Jersey to go solar.  There are a few factors that make Monroe great for New Jersey solar installations.  First, the local utility company in Monroe is PSE&G.  PSE&G has some of the highest electric rates in the state.  This means that those looking for a solar installation in Monroe, NJ will be able to save money on solar even if they don’t purchase the system through a solar loan or solar purchase.  With a solar lease or solar ppa in Monroe, NJ, it is easy to beat the utility’s rate.  This means that homeowners can go solar for $0 down and replace their electric bill with a bill for the solar energy their home produces at a lower rate than the utility.  The second factor that makes Monroe Township one of the best places in New Jersey to install solar panels is the local municipality.  Monroe Township has processed many solar permits and the process is efficient and straightforward.  This means that homeowners in Monroe Township don’t need to worry about The Township delaying their permits.  The third factor is the homes in Monroe. 

Green Power Energy has found that many homes in Monroe are developments with construction completed within the last 20 years. 

These developments were constructed on top of what was once farmland.  The result is limited shading and overall, they have quality roofs that do need require replacement.  The 4th and final factor that makes Monroe Township so great for solar installations is the sense of community.  The homeowners within this community are a tightly knit group.  They live next to each other, socialize with one another, and their children go to school together.  This means the referral rate and general “word of mouth” has been incredible in this area.  When multiple homes are going solar in one development, the homeowners take notice and tend to go to their neighbors for advice on how to proceed with their custom solar installation.

Princeton, New Jersey is like Monroe in that they are in PSE&G territory, have a town that is familiar with the solar permitting process, and have suitable houses and tight knit community. 

Princeton, New Jersey of course conjurers up images of the iconic Ivy League University and the former home of Genius Albert Einstein.  What most people don’t think of is the surrounding suburbs and developments built atop subdivided farms. Green Power Energy has completed many installations in Princeton, NJ, not just in 2018 but since the company was founded in 2019. 

Another place where Green Power Energy saw a lot of action in 2018 was Little Egg Harbor.  Little Egg Harbor is a great area for solar panels. 

Since it is at the Jersey Shore, there are hardly any trees in site.  There are rows and rows of homes with perfect solar access.  Another huge help has been the fact that Green Power Energy has a full time solar sales person in Little Egg Harbor.  Little Egg Harbor is in Atlantic City Electric Territory.  Like PSE&G, these rates tend to be high.  AC Electric has areas in their New Jersey service area where solar installations are not permitted.  In Little Egg Harbor, homeowners are in the clear for a solar installation.

And finally, the other major market has been Flemington, New Jersey. 

Flemington is in Hunterdon County and right down the road from Green Power Energy’s office in Annandale.  Flemington is in JCP&L territory.  What makes Flemington great for Green Power Energy is developments with great roofs for solar, and proximity to Green Power Energy’s offices.  The surrounding areas from Flemington like Raritan Township and Readington Township are also great for solar.

Overall, Green Power Energy is installing more and more and across a wider area in New Jersey than ever before.  In addition to New Jersey, Green Power Energy is also in Pennsylvania.  Contact Green Power Energy for information about what you can save in your area.  From Cape May to Sussex, Green Power Energy is your one stop shop for a turnkey solar installation.


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