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Green Power Energy Completes Hundreds of Residential Solar Power Installations in Hunterdon County, NJ Here’s What Made This Possible.

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Green Power Energy Completes Hundreds of Residential Solar Power Installations in Hunterdon County, NJ Here’s What Made This Possible.

Green Power Energy has maintained an exceptional record of installing residential solar power systems and providing impressive service in Hunterdon County. The Hunterdon County-based solar company has cracked the code to the perfect residential solar power service. It includes high-quality solar installation paired with incredible after-sales service.

Green Power Energy has completed hundreds of residential solar power projects in Hunterdon County alone, and here is how.

$0 Down Payment

Green Power Energy offers its customers attractive financing options with a $0 down payment. The company operates at the local level and does not drop the installation jobs into the laps of third-party solar companies. Professional & qualified consultants from Green Power Energy interact with customers and answer all their questions before working with them to design the right solar installation for their needs. Once the project is given the green light, their in-house installation team visits the customer at their location to assemble the equipment, install it, and get it working. 

Lifetime Warranty

Whether you have a question, query, or require clarification on the installation process, Green Power Energy is always just a call away throughout the installation phase.

A typical residential solar power system has an average operational life of 20 years. Green Power Energy offers 25-year warranties on its installation service. The service warranty includes all the maintenance support the solar installation will need throughout its life. Green Power Energy delivers a high-grade product and offers a service to match.

Experienced & Local

The company is based in New Jersey and has been in business since 2009. In the years they have been operational, Green Power Energy has provided customized residential solar power solutions to all its customers.

They provide their customers with complete support from the project’s start to completion. 

Inform You of All the Benefits

There are multiple solar energy benefits that dramatically reduce the cost of using solar energy for NJ residents. They educate customers on the various government incentives available to them, including SREC-II (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate-II), Net Metering benefits, and Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC). Green Power Energy ensures you get the maximum benefit from government incentives to increase your profits and minimize costs.

Easier to Go Solar

In a nutshell, Green Power Energy makes it convenient for Hunterdon County residents to go solar. Whether it is informing them about the pros and cons of going solar, delivering a formidable solar power system, carrying out hassle-free installation, or providing competent service, Green Power Energy has earned a reputation that grows stronger with each new installation.


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