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Going Solar in Durham, CT? Learn How Much You Can Save With Green Power Energy

Green Bolt

Durham homeowners thinking of going solar have several reasons to celebrate. Roughly two-thirds of the homes in Durham – both residential and commercial – have rooftops ideal for solar installation. By ideal, we mean that they are capable of supporting at least a 2 kW solar installation.

There are also other factors that determine a property’s suitability for solar installation, including roof area and access to direct sunlight. The average roof size in Durham is 440 sq. ft., and the median roof size is 554 sq. ft. 

The cost savings you realize with your solar installation is directly tied to your solar installation’s size, which is a function of your rooftop area. So, we’ll teach you how to calculate your potential savings using the average rooftop size as an example.

Determining the Solar Installation Size

Your rooftop’s design plays a vital role in determining how much of its area is used for a solar installation. So, a solar company’s estimates may vary from what we calculate for you here.

In general, solar panels of roughly 1 kW installation capacity require about 70 sq. ft. to 75 sq. ft. So, if you have a rooftop of about 440 sq. ft. area, then it can support a solar installation of slightly larger than 6 kW installation capacity, i.e., 6.2 kW to be precise.

Estimated Cost Savings

A 6.2 kW solar installation on your house can generate nearly 7,000 kWh of power over the year. That’s about 583.33 kWh of power generated each month. 

At an average Connecticut residential electricity price of 22¢/kWh, you can save up to $128.33 each month. Now, remember, as electricity prices rise (which they inevitably do), your monthly savings steadily increase and keep increasing for nearly three decades.

However, even if you ignore the price increases, $128.33 in savings per month, accrued over nearly three decades, is about $46,200.

These savings do not include the various government incentives like Connecticut Greenbank’s Netting Tariff and the Federal Income Tax Credit ITC).

The Green Power Energy Advantage

You gain another financial advantage when you choose Green Power Energy as your solar company. Our specially-designed zero-down solar loans, 0% interest rate solar loans, $0 monthly payment offers and other exclusive offers help you accrue additional cost savings than the average Durham homeowner. To learn how we can help you realize maximum savings on your investment in residential solar, talk to us today.


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