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Going Solar in Durham? 6 Things to Look for in a Solar Estimate.

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Going Solar in Durham? 6 Things to Look for in a Solar Estimate

When you are planning on going solar, the first thing you need to do is ask for an estimate. A detailed and transparent solar estimate will allow you to find the right solar installer and manage your cost expectations.

Here is what you should be looking for in a solar estimate.

Breakdown of Cost

A good solar estimate will provide you with a complete breakdown of the project costs. It will inform you about the system’s equipment costs, supporting structure costs, additional features costs, installation services costs, and more.

Usually, when you work with local players, you can save on commissions that bigger corporations charge from solar contractors to whom they outsource the job. Don’t be impressed by complex estimates. Find a company that provides you with easy-to-understand estimates without the hidden costs.

Product Brand & Models

A good estimate will list all the equipment the installer will install at your home. After all, high-quality equipment from Tesla or Enphase will cost more than a low-grade component. Even with branded products, old models will cost less, and recent launches will cost more.

Ensure that your estimate includes the details of the brands the installer is using and the models they offer. You should know what you are paying for.

Associated Warranties

The solar estimate should also include all the details of the warranties you get with the solar power installation. You should look for manufacturer warranties that cover both repairs and replacements of the products. You should also check the installer’s service warranty. Green Power Energy offers the longest service warranty in the industry at 25 years.

Energy Production

Your home’s power needs should determine the size of the solar power system you need installed. The installer should visit the site and then recommend a suitable number of solar panels for your energy needs. Don’t entertain estimates that unnecessarily inflate your energy needs, and recommend a larger solar installation that you require.

HIC License Details

A solar estimate will also reflect details about the type of licensing your solar installer holds. Make sure they hold a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) license. Any entity which solicits or performs residential contracting jobs in occupied premises should be registered under a HIC license. It is also important to note that a HIC license is not the same as a Construction Supervisor License (CSL).

Finance Price Vs. Cash Price 

When a solar power installer sends you an estimate, it is offered at a cash price. However, if the system is financed, the prices increase. So, even if you were to be offered a lower price initially, you end up paying the higher financing price later.

Green Power Energy presents you with all financing options at cash prices. No other company offers you a solar installation for unsecured solar loans at a cash price. 
Ready to go solar or do still have some questions about the process? Contact Green Power Energy today for more information our team would be happy to help.

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