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Field-Tested Leadership: Maggie Meurer’s Hands-On Approach to Expansion

Green Bolt
SVP of Green Power Energy, Maggie Meurer pictured visiting a solar installation in Texas

At Green Power Energy, Senior Vice President and Board Member, Maggie Meurer firmly believes that in order to grow into new markets you must take a hands-on approach.

That’s why she recently joined one of the company’s top installation teams on a solar project right here in Austin, Texas.

By working alongside technicians in the field, Maggie demonstrated Green Power’s dedication to delivering the highest quality renewable energy products and services. “Getting hands-on in new markets is crucial,” she said. “It’s the only way I can fully understand our customers’ needs and ensure we provide the same excellent experience across all our branches.”

“I’m extremely proud of our team and attribute our success to them,” said Maggie. “By collaborating directly with our technicians, sales reps, and operational staff, I can empower them to keep driving this company forward.”

Maggie first began cultivating her hands-on approach during her time at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where she worked closely with clients to solve complex business challenges.

“My time at PwC taught me the importance of understanding problems from the ground up,” Maggie remarked. “I carried that lesson with me to Green Power, where getting into the field allows me to truly grasp our customers’ real-world needs.”

After PwC, Maggie further honed her hands-on leadership skills in corporate finance at HBO. Now at Green Power, she leads by example each day, actively guiding the company’s growth and expansion efforts across new markets like Austin.

Maggie also aims to inspire more women to join the traditionally male-dominated solar industry – acting as a role model through her hands-on approach.

“This industry needs more female perspectives and leadership,” she explained. “I want to demonstrate to young women that they can succeed in such a male-dominated industry.”

With skilled leaders like Maggie Meurer embracing a hands-on approach, Green Power Energy is poised to bring clean solar energy to even more homes and businesses across Texas and beyond.

The future is bright – both for this progressive company and the communities it serves.

About Green Power Energy

Green Power Energy is a highly-rated solar installation company committed to doing things the right way. For over 14 years, our dedicated team has been delivering the highest quality solar experience for thousands of customers and counting.

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