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Enphase iQ7 Microinverter and SolarEdge Power Optimizers

For years, Green Power Energy has made SolarEdge Power Optimizers and Inverters accessible to Connecticut residents. Today, we expand our offerings with micro inverters in addition to the optimizer systems. We shall be comparing SolarEdge Power Optimizers and the Enphase iQ7 microinverter to help our customers make an informed decision.

Enphase introduced the latest technology of micro-inverter systems with the iQ7 units. Instead of integrating to a single inverter, microinverters attach to every solar panel. To better understand the pioneering solar systems, let’s see how they both work.

Enphase iQ7 Microinverter

The Enphase established their newest iQ7 microinverters to introduce the advancements in the micro inverter technology. Offering a simplified inverter solution, iQ7 gets powered by next level solar modules compatible with 60-cell panels up to 350 watts and beyond. These microinverters use smart electronics to increase power efficiency while reducing installed cost-per-watt. Ultimately, the 7th generation iQ microinverter boasts 4% more power, 19% lighter, and 17% smaller than the previous models.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers

Connected through an /DC inverter, you can seamlessly connect the SolarEdge Power Optimizer to PV modules. It optimizes power through constant monitoring of the maximum power point of the modules. As a result, the energy output from PV systems increases.

After keeping track of each PV module’s performance, the data instantly communicates through the SolarEdge monitoring portal. It streamlines the repair while promoting cost-effective, enhanced maintenance. SolarEdge Power Optimizers have a unique SafeDC™ feature that automatically shuts down the DC voltage when the inverter and grid are down.

Enphase iQ7 Microinverter and SolarEdge Power Optimizers: A Direct Comparison

SolarEdge and Enphase are two of the best solar inverters on the market. Here’s a direct comparison to the latest offering of Green Power Energy to CT residents:

Microinverters vs. Power Optimizer

The primary difference between Enphase and SolarEdge inverters is Enphase is an AC system in parallels and SolarEdge is a DC system in strings.. Enphase offers micro inverter-based systems that mount on every solar panel. A direct DC/AC conversion at every panel indicates a more efficient response to a harsh environment for an extended period.

On the contrary, SolarEdge Power Optimizers and Inverters are DC,central inverter systemsat the ground level. Instead of augmenting the inverter to the panels, you may install them in your basement, garage, or your walls, while still maintaining the module level technology through the use of power optimizers. DC/AC conversion for all panels takes place off the array, ideal for situations when these panels produce less power during variable  weather and shading conditions.

Provides Panel-Level System Electronics

Both Enphase and SolarEdge take pride in providing panel-level system monitoring. CT residents can check the progress of their solar system from the web or through a smartphone app. These programs can already offer you enough information, including the power your system generates in real-time. It can also provide you with detailed reports on analytics of the kilowatt-hours of electricity your system has generated on any day, week, month, or year. Nonetheless, this feature is vital to determine your system’s efficiency and performance and perform repairs when necessary.

Retrofit Batteries

Both SolarEdge and Enphase products offer the ability to retrofit to batteries. SolarEdge collaborated with LG Chem for their RESU battery that powers up to kWh. The iQ7 units of Enphase have 10.1 kWh Enphase recharge batteries. Furthermore, this helps them easily integrate across inverters and software to provide all-in-one solutions.

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