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Enphase Encharge vs. Tesla Powerwall: Which is the Better Solar Battery for Your Pflugerville, Tx Home?

Green Bolt

Enphase and Tesla have dominated the solar storage industry for the past few years. Both companies’ solar batteries are hugely popular among homeowners. From a strictly objective standpoint, which one is better? Let’s find out.

The Flexibility of Using Solar Panels

If you choose to buy a Tesla Powerwall battery from a Tesla-certified installer, you need not buy Tesla solar panels.

When it comes to Enphase Encharge, it can work with both Enphase and non-Enphase solar power systems. If you choose to buy the entire Enphase ecosystem, you also get additional micro-grid capability from the Empower Smart Switch, which you won’t get while using non-Enphase solar inverters

Type of Battery

Tesla Powerwall uses the NMC lithium-ion battery. The maximum on-grid continuous power is 5kW input and 7.6kW output. Off-the-grid, the maximum power is 5kW input/9.6kW output. The round-trip efficiency is 90%.

On the other hand, Enphase uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that produces 3.84kW output both on-grid and off-grid. The round-trip efficiency is an impressive 96%.

Warranty On Offer

The Tesla Powerwall offers a 10-year warranty. It breaks up that warranty into two categories, depending on how the battery is used.

You get the “unlimited cycles” warranty or category 1 warranty when you use Powerwall for self-consumption or emergency backup. You get a category 2 warranty if you use Powerwall for off-peak electricity. In this case, you must operate it under the limit of 37.8MWh.

However, Enphase offers a 10-year warranty and then an additional 5-year warranty when it is available for purchase. There are no categories or usage conditions attached to this warranty.

Battery Performance

It is also worth noting that a battery system’s durability depends on the number of charge-discharge cycles it goes through. While Tesla Powerwall can withstand around 3,200 charge-discharge cycles, Enphase Encharge works like a charm for over 4,000 cycles. So, you get better performance and warranty out of Enphase Encharge.

Final Verdict

Both companies offer high-quality products for their consumers. Enphase is one of the most well-known names in the battery storage industry, and Tesla has made its brand count when it comes to electrical components in general.Prioritize which system suits your needs best, or reach out to Green Power Energy to help you make the right choice for your needs.


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